February 11, 2018

St. Louis man adjusting thermostat

Try these tips to prevent damage, to lower your energy bills, and to improve the air quality of your home.

Even though winter is nearly over, there is still time to save a significant amount on energy costs by winterizing your home. As the cold weather continues, it is important for you to keep your heat pump or furnace in peak condition. Since you are putting your furnace under some wear and tear, maintaining it appropriately is essential to extending its life and to help keep costs low.

If you left your air conditioner naked, make sure to cover it up to protect it from ice and snow. An inexpensive air conditioner cover is all you need to keep it running tip-top for the first hot spring day.

Doors and Windows

One of the biggest places that you are losing heat is probably in the leaks and cracks around your doors and windows. A great do-it-yourself fix can cut your energy costs significantly. Using weather stripping or caulk are both great ways to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Whether you use silicone or latex caulk, you can make sure to stop cold drafts and put less wear on your furnace – and wallet.

Window Wells, Roof, and Gutters

Ice dams and water leaks can wreak havoc on your home and cause a whole lot of damage. The problem with water damage is that you usually don’t notice it until things are out of control, and then you have to worry about mold and cleaning things up. To make sure that you don’t have ice or water damage over the winter, make sure to remove snow from your roof and gutters. Pay special attention to the downspouts and gutters. If you didn’t get around to the fall clean-up, make sure to remove the leaves from the gutters now before they can cause harm.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

To reduce energy costs, invest in a remote programmable thermostat. That way you can control the temperature of your home based on when people will be there. This means you’re not heating the house when no one’s home. When temperatures dip really low, however, you won’t want to turn the thermostat down much, because it will take more energy to warm back up.

Sometimes winter can sneak up on you. If you didn’t get started on winterizing your home, it isn’t too late. Try these tips to prevent damage, to lower your energy bills, and to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

St. Louis Furnace Maintenance

Scott-Lee Heating Company offers Precision Maintenance Agreements for customers who want to keep their systems running at peak performance. When your heating and cooling equipment runs efficiently, you save energy. Save energy and you will save money too. Get a Scott-Lee Precision Maintenance Agreement now before the unexpected happens, and you could help prevent costly breakdowns later.

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