March 21, 2017

Programmable Thermostat

There are a number of programmable thermostats to choose from. At Scott-Lee Heating, we will help you choose the right one for your home.

HVAC owners often spend a lot of money monthly ensuring that their HVAC system effectively cools or heats each and every corner of the house. What most people don’t realize is that they end up generating huge utility bills on heating or cooling empty or unused rooms as well.

This problem can be easily solved by using programmable thermostats that make it possible to schedule heating and cooling in the house to ensure optimum usage and efficiency. Programmable thermostats, especially the higher-end models, offer more options that can be customized and at the same time, ensure energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here are some tips on choosing a programmable thermostat for your home.

Features of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats, especially the smart ones have features that offer convenience, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. A few important features include:

  • Motion detection – a motion detector in the thermostat regulates temperatures or turns on/off the thermostat by detecting presence of people inside home.
  • Humidity Sensor – Humidity sensors are effective in areas with extreme humidity (high or low) conditions. The sensor automatically adjusts the humidity levels to keep the indoors healthy.
  • Weather forecast – Some smart thermostats have the ability to detect and forecast the outdoor weather conditions and accordingly adjust temperatures.
  • Vacation mode – This mode is effective for times when the owners are away for long periods. The thermostat keeps the home warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing. It ensures cost-effectiveness when the house is unoccupied.
  • 7 –day scheduling – The 7-day scheduling feature offered by some models enables you to set the thermostat temperature for each day of the week, depending on your schedule. For example, the thermostat can be set to go off or work at minimum power on weekends when the family is not at home.
  • Intuitive-Schedule and Geo-Fencing – Intuitive scheduling enables the thermostat to learn the usage pattern and automatically adjust accordingly. Go-fencing is a feature can change the temperatures that based on the location of the homeowners phone
  • Budget feedback – Based on the required temperature changes, the budget feature will give a feedback on how the cost is affected by the temperature change.

What to Look for in a Programmable Thermostat?

There are a few important considerations HVAC owners should take into account before choosing a smart programmable thermostat, some of these include:

  • Technology – Technological advancements have enabled thermostats to be remotely operated by smartphone apps. With remote access, one can easily adjust the temperature based on occupancy, climatic conditions, etc.
  • Cost – You can choose between a traditional programmable thermostat and one with remote access. This decision has implications on cost, considering the fact that traditional systems are more cost-effective.
  • Compatibility – It is necessary to consult with a qualified St. Louis HVAC technician to check if the HVAC system is compatible with the chosen programmable thermostat.
  • Installation – Syncing the entire HVAC system with the new programmable thermostat should be done only by a trained, experienced and qualified HVAC technician.
  • Support – Before opting for a model, you should look for the after-service support that is available for troubleshooting issues.

Programmable thermostats are the cost-efficient, energy-efficient future of HVAC’s. Make sure you consult only a trained and qualified technician for installation.

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