Commercial HVAC Service in St. Louis

If you own a business in the St. Louis, MO area, you understand all of the things you have to maintain. That includes our very important air conditioners. These powerful machines help us survive summer, and making sure they’re in tip-top shape is a top priority — especially when the warm weather strikes. But even with proper upkeep, repairs are sure to be needed. If you ever find that your office building needs an air conditioner repair, be sure to call the experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company. We’ve been business since 1978 and quality customer service is how we run our business. Here are some great qualities you’ll always find when working with us:

Commercial Repair

  • High-quality customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Financing options with approved credit
  • Outstanding products
  • Responsive services
  • Wide service area

Commercial AC Repair Services in St. Louis

If your commercial AC unit ever breaks down on you, give Scott-Lee Heating Company a call immediately. We’ll send a team of skilled technicians to inspect the problem and get it fixed quickly. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to cancel work and shut down the office. For fast and reliable commercial HVAC repair, we’re the number one company for the job. Whether you have a small system or a large system consisting of many different units, we’re here for all of your commercial AC repair needs. Not sure if you need a repair? A repair might be in your near future if you notice any of the following:

Commercial Air Duct

  • Poor airflow
  • Warm air coming from your vents
  • Spike on utility bills
  • Unusual smells
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit

Dependable Commercial HVAC Repair

Your commercial building wouldn’t function very well without air conditioning, so it’s vital that you make sure your system is ready to keep you and your employees cool. A comfortable staff leads to increased production and increased satisfaction. No matter what commercial air conditioning solution you’re after, the experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company have your solution. With commercial AC repair being one our specialties, we’re the best company in the St. Louis area. Call us today for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Scott-Lee Heating Company offer for commercial HVAC systems?

Scott-Lee Heating Company offers comprehensive services for commercial HVAC systems, including installation, repair, maintenance, and system design. We service various types of commercial properties, ensuring your system operates efficiently year-round.

How can regular maintenance benefit my commercial HVAC system?

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your commercial HVAC system, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Maintenance includes routine inspections, cleaning, and performance checks.

What should I consider when selecting a new HVAC system for my commercial property?

When selecting a new HVAC system, consider the size and layout of your property, your specific heating and cooling needs, energy efficiency ratings, and your budget. Our experts can help you choose the best system for your business.

How long does a commercial HVAC installation take?

The duration of a commercial HVAC installation depends on the project’s complexity and size. Scott-Lee Heating Company works efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth installation process.

What types of commercial HVAC systems does Scott-Lee Heating Company install?

We install a variety of commercial HVAC systems, including rooftop units, split systems, heat pumps, and ductless systems. We tailor our recommendations based on your building’s specific needs and requirements.

How do I know if my commercial HVAC system needs repair?

Signs that your HVAC system may need repair include unusual noises, reduced airflow, inconsistent temperatures, and higher energy bills. If you notice any of these issues, contact Scott-Lee Heating Company for an inspection.

Why is energy efficiency important for commercial HVAC systems?

Energy efficiency is crucial for reducing operational costs, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring reliable performance. Investing in an energy-efficient system can lead to significant savings over time.

Can Scott-Lee Heating Company provide custom HVAC solutions for unique commercial needs?

Yes, we specialize in custom HVAC solutions tailored to the unique needs of your commercial property. Our team will assess your requirements and design a system that meets your specific needs.

What is involved in the commissioning of a new commercial HVAC system?

Commissioning involves testing and adjusting the HVAC system to ensure it operates as designed. This process includes verifying system performance, energy efficiency, and overall functionality.

How does Scott-Lee Heating Company ensure minimal disruption during HVAC repairs or installations?

We plan and coordinate all work meticulously to minimize disruption to your business operations. Our team works efficiently and communicates clearly to ensure a smooth process.

What are the benefits of upgrading my commercial HVAC system?

Upgrading your commercial HVAC system can improve energy efficiency, enhance indoor air quality, provide better temperature control, and reduce maintenance costs. A new system can also offer advanced features and technology for improved performance.

How often should I schedule maintenance for my commercial HVAC system?

It is recommended to schedule maintenance at least twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. Regular maintenance helps ensure your system operates efficiently and can prevent costly repairs.

What factors should I consider when designing a commercial HVAC system?

Factors to consider include the building’s size, occupancy, energy efficiency goals, and specific heating and cooling requirements. Our experts will perform a detailed assessment to design a system that meets your needs.

What are the signs that it’s time to replace an old commercial HVAC system?

Signs include frequent repairs, increased energy bills, inconsistent temperatures, and the system’s age. If your system is over 10-15 years old, it may be more cost-effective to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my commercial HVAC system?

To improve energy efficiency, consider upgrading to high-efficiency equipment, performing regular maintenance, sealing ductwork, and integrating smart controls. Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you implement these strategies.