$25 Local 36 Union Rebate (residential maintenance only)!

    St. Louis Precision Maintenance for your Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Indoor Air Quality Products

    MaintenanceScott-Lee Heating Company offers Precision Maintenance Agreements for customers who want to keep their systems running at peak performance. When your heating and cooling equipment runs efficiently, you save energy. Save energy and you will save money too. Get a Scott-Lee Precision Maintenance Agreement now before the unexpected happens, and you could help prevent costly breakdowns later.

    Our certified technicians will diagnose any problems or system failures, perform precision maintenance and ensure that your equipment is operating according to specifications recommended by the manufacturer. The maintenance agreement assures your system is running smoothly and quietly–making sure that you get the most out of every energy dollar you spend.

    Our sophisticated office management system makes it possible to efficiently and properly serve each of our customer’s special and normal maintenance requirements on a scheduled basis. Several hundred of our customers have depended upon us to keep their heating and air conditioning systems operating efficiently and safely, year after year.

    Top 10 Benefits:

    • Priority customer status – move to the front of the line scheduling
    • Discount on locally available parts
    • Lower energy bills
    • Safer, more efficient operation of equipment
    • Eliminate most costly repairs
    • Extended equipment life
    • Inflation protection
    • No overtime charges
    • Higher efficiency for gas heating and cooling equipment
    • Peace of mind that your system will be running at peak performance

    Precision Maintenance Air Conditioner Checklist:

    • Air Conditioning
    • Check Refrigerant Charge
    • Check Evaporator Temperature Drop
    • Check Blower Wheel and Motor
    • Check Air Filter/Replace or Clean
    • Check Compressor Contactor
    • Check Wiring Connections
    • Check Thermostat
    • Check and Clean Condensate Drain
    • Lubricate Moving Parts
    • Clean Condenser Coil
    • Check Temperature Drop
    • Check Complete A/C Cycle

    Precision Maintenance Furnace Checklist:

    • Check and Clean Heat Exchanger
    • Check Limit/Safety Control
    • Check and Clean Burners
    • Check Flue Pipe and Diverter
    • Check Fan Control
    • Check Wiring
    • Check Fan Motor Bearing
    • Check Blower Wheel and Motor
    • Check Temperature Rise
    • Check Filters
    • Check Circuit Board Connection
    • Lubricate Moving Parts
    • Check Furnace Flue and Pipe
    • Check Water Heater Flue and Pipe
    • Check Complete Furnace Cycle
    • Check for Carbon Monoxide


    • Wipe Calcium from Cavity
    • Clean Drain Hose
    • Turn Humidistat Up
    • Check Water Flow
    • Replace Pad (extra if needed)
    • Check Operations

    Electronic Air Cleaner:

    • Clean Cells and Pre-Filters
    • Wash with Hose
    • Re-Install Cells
    • Check Operations