Eureka’s AC Contractor of Choice

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is an AC contractor that has been providing help to Eureka, MO, homeowners for the past 40 years. We’re known for making your cooling problems our own and solving them accordingly. Scott-Lee Heating Company is a veteran-owned company that offers Eureka residents high-quality work at a fair price.

    As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we’ve won the Dave Lennox Award 26 times. We also service all other makes and models. It can reach nearly 90 degrees during the dog days of summer in St. Louis County, so keeping your air conditioning system acting optimally is one of our main priorities.

    We’ll offer you:
    • Time-sensitive services
    • High level of customer service
    • Experienced, friendly technicians
    • Best possible products

    Air Conditioning Repair Services in Eureka, MO

    AC Services Offered by Scott-Lee Heating Company

    Your Eureka AC Repair Specialists

    If your Eureka air conditioning system breaks, you can rely on Scott-Lee Heating Company to quickly respond and get it working again. Signs your AC system needs repair include having it blow warm air, water pooling around the outdoor unit, and fan issues, among other problems. It often makes more sense to repair a system younger than 10 years old rather than replace it. We’ll give you options and won’t perform any repairs without your approval.

    Eureka’s Reliable AC Installation Service

    If your system is old or repairing it is too expensive, our AC company can install a new, high-quality model for you. You’ll get the benefit of a more efficient system, which will help with your electricity bills. Your home will be more comfortable and once again serve as an oasis from the outside world. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that a new system won’t fail you when the outside temperature starts climbing toward 90 degrees.

    Air Conditioning Installs in Eureka, MO

    Benefits of a new AC system:
    • Greater energy efficiency
    • Electricity savings
    • Improved air quality
    • Extended AC system life
    • Greater peace of mind

    Excellent AC Maintenance

    A lack of maintenance results in your air conditioning system being 5-10% less efficient. Annual AC tune-ups will make sure it lasts longer and is less likely to need repairs. One of our service technicians will thoroughly clean your system, adjust refrigerant levels, and make sure everything is operating as it should. Scott-Lee Heating Company offers Eureka homeowners a maintenance agreement package. Advantages include priority service, inflation protection, discounts on various parts, and other benefits. Also call us if you need a ductless mini-split service.

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is Eureka’s trusted AC contractor! We can also help you with our top-rated heating services. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.