When it comes to keeping our Collinsville, IL homes cool and comfortable during the summer months, it helps place your comfort in the capable hands of a reputable AC company. Our company stands behind a history grounded in solid customer service and excellence. Our licensed and experienced technicians as well as our customer service representatives are committed to continuing in our tradition of excellence. Our customers always come first here at Scott-Lee Heating Company, which is why we’re the preferred team for AC service in Collinsville and the surrounding communities.

    AC Company in Collinsville, IL

    Top-Rated AC Service in Collinsville

    If your AC isn’t cooling your home or it runs non stop but you’re still sweating. It’s time to get help. You need an AC company that knows what they’re doing. Our licensed and certified technicians will assess the overall condition of your HVAC system and get right to the bottom of the issue. Whether it’s an unusual sound or smell, short-cycling, or no cold air at all, we’ll know just how to respond to any air conditioner problem. We provide fast AC service on all makes and models, and we’re proud to be the #1 repair team here in Collinsville.

    The Best AC Company for Installation

    The Best AC Company for InstallationSometimes, our technicians may determine that your AC system is near the end of its life cycle. Pumping more money into a floundering HVAC system isn’t a good investment and will usually result in more service calls and higher utility bills. When your AC has performance issues your him isn’t as comfortable and your utility bills rise because your system isn’t performing efficiently. If our technicians find that your system is on its last legs it may be time to replace your system with a new one. We can install a new more efficient system that will save you money. You utility bills will be lower because your system will run more efficiently. Best yet, you’ll be cool and comfortable in your home or business.

    AC Maintenance to Keep You in the Cool

    Once you have an efficient high-performance AC system in your home or business, you’ll need to have it serviced regularly. Usually, an annual check-up is enough to ensure that your system is performing as it should. However, if you notice changes in your AC’s performance, strange noises, or cycles that run consistently without cutting off, you’ll need to have these issues looked at. It’s best to have them addressed when you first notice them. Often, if you catch an issue early enough, you can fix it before it becomes expensive or greatly comprises the performance of your AC system. Give us a call if you’re having any issues with your AC. You should also call us if you haven’t had your annual AC maintenance check performed. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

    AC Maintenance to Keep You in the Cool

    During maintenance, our technicians will:
    • Check your electrical systems
    • Clean and calibrate your HVAC system
    • Checks refrigerant levels
    • Alert you to any worn or defective parts
    • And more!

    We want to be your AC system superheroes. We can repair your existing system or simply provide routine maintenance. We can also install a new AC system if you need it. Don’t hesitate to call. We do it all!

    In addition to being the top AC company in Collinsville, we also offer a full suite of trusted heating services!

    Need an AC repair? No need to shop around. We’re the most trusted team when it comes to quickly and effectively repairing air conditioners.

    If you’re ready to retire that old air conditioner, let us know. Our AC installation is standing by to answer your questions and get you started.

    With our expert technicians, keeping your air conditioner blowing cold is as easy as scheduling AC maintenance once a year.