No One Beats Our Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Although St. Louis can have some pleasant weather for the majority of the year, an air conditioner is certainly needed when the temperatures drop and the humidity spikes. If you live in the area, you’ve experienced the uncomfortable summer weather. For these times, it’s best to make sure that your AC unit is well-maintained. Doing so will ensure it’s ready to keep you and your whole family cool. If you’re looking for a residential air conditioner maintenance company you can rely on, look to the specialists at Scott-Lee Heating Company today! With over 40 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, our staff is well-versed on maintenance and how to make sure your system is geared and ready to keep you comfortable. Here are some great reasons why you should choose us:

    The Best Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance in St. Louis

    Springtime is the perfect time to take care of AC tune-up and maintenance services. Luckily, Scott-Lee Heating Company offers our Precision Maintenance Agreement to ensure you’re system is running at peak performance. That last thing you’ll want to happen is to deal with a costly repair or replacement in the middle of summer. Periodic maintenance can go a long way for the performance and lifespan of your AC unit. Our maintenance services will make sure your system is working according to the manufacturer’s specific recommendations. Here are some benefits of choosing our air conditioner maintenance agreement package:

    AC Maintenance Scott-Lee Heating

    • Get priority service when scheduling
    • Discount on various parts
    • A decrease in energy bills
    • More efficient system operation
    • Extended HVAC equipment lifespan
    • Inflation protection
    • No overtime charges
    • Greater peace of mind
    • And more

    Gear Up for Summer with an AC Tune-Up

    Sometimes our air conditioners just need a little extra kick to keep you cool. That’s why we highly recommend our AC tune-up. This quick and easy method can do wonders for your system, and might even prevent a repair down the road. You deserve a comfortable home and Scott-Lee Heating Company can make that a reality. Call us today for more information! Not looking for AC or furnace maintenance? Call us today for an installation or repair!