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Over 45 Years Providing Residential, Commercial and Geothermal Solutions

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Scott-Lee Heating Company was founded on February 20, 1978, by Terrance Scott and Larry Lee. Our first building was located at 11674 Gravois, near Lindbergh Blvd. These humble beginnings, with a small shop and eight employees, helped form the foundation of our business plan based on quality, dependability, and value.

Through the years, our business grew along with our solid reputation. Scott-Lee moved twice to different buildings on Fenpark in Fenton until we found our current location at 11010 Gravois Industrial Ct. in 2003. We continue to thrive here and now have over 85 employees in our company’s family.

Today, Scott-Lee Heating is owned by Terrance Scott and his son, Russ Scott. We have earned the respect of our competitors and hold a position among the top HVAC contractors in the greater St. Louis area. We have earned the prestigious ‘Dave Lennox’ Award twenty-six times. This success is possible because of our incredibly dedicated, efficient, and well-trained employees. Scott-Lee Heating’s mission statement hasn’t changed since 1978 and is based on the certainty that our
customers are the most important ingredient in the life of our business. As Mr. Scott often said in the early days – “Our customers are not dependent on us. We are dependent on our customers.”

All of us at Scott-Lee Heating Company realize that our customer is the single-most important person to the life of our business. Our customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on our customer.