February 16, 2017

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These 4 signs may indicate that your aging furnace is in need of service or replacement.

Do you feel your furnace is not performing well despite your best efforts – protecting the efficiency of the system, routine filter replacement, professional cleaning and maintenance, proper venting and other safety measures? While maintenance can certainly make a difference as to the performance of your furnace, it won’t do much if you have an aging furnace. Here are some telltale signs that your furnace may be on its last leg.

How is your furnace performing this winter?

Here is an inspection list compiled by our St. Louis HVAC experts that will help you gain a deeper understanding of system performance, and get an idea of the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace.

Energy bill compared to previous years

If your monthly bills are higher than usual despite the fact that there has been no rate increase, your furnace may be showing signs of aging and is consuming additional energy in an effort to heat your home.

Performance issues

Does your furnace ever shut off on its own and need a restart? If it does not restart immediately, this could be an indication of issues with your thermostat or other parts of your system.

Unusual noises

If you notice any squeaking, knocking, popping, or rattling sounds from your furnace, even if they are not continuous, it could be an indication that your furnace needs to be replaced.

Ductwork and vents

Uneven or uncomfortable temperatures inside the home could indicate distribution and performance issues if there are no ductwork leaks or blocked air vents.

Last but not the least: how did your furnace’s pre-season maintenance go? If during maintenance, your HVAC technician indicated that your system is aging and you should probably replace it, you should consider heeding their advice.

The aforementioned signs may indicate that your furnace is in need of service or replacement.

Replacing your furnace will not only help avoid emergency situations when the weather is at its worst, but it can also ensure that your stay comfortable inside your home. Moreover, it will save you significantly on heating costs.

St. Louis Furance Repair & Replacement

If you think your furnace is in need of service or replacement, it is best to have a trusted St. Louis HVAC technician at Scott-Lee Heating inspect the system and make necessary recommendations. Give us a call today at (314) 200-0788!