February 22, 2018

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Keeping a constant and comfortable temperature in your home can make a significant difference to your monthly energy bill.

When it comes to heating and cooling, you might think that a couple of degrees on your thermostat can’t possibly make a significant dent in your monthly budget, but it really does. From keeping things warm in the winter to cooling it down when the weather starts heating up, varying your home temperature is a good idea. Keeping a constant and comfortable temperature in your home can make a significant difference to your monthly energy bill.

The Key to Setting the Thermostat

The key to setting your thermostat isn’t about keeping it at the lowest or highest degree possible, but more about trying to keep in tune with what conditions are outside to even things out. Much like the stock market, it isn’t about being on the right side of the highs and lows. Rather, it is about knowing where the highs and lows are and anticipating them so that you aren’t trying to either catch up or lower things too much. A happy medium is reached when you can keep a consistent and steady temperature that won’t make your units work too hard to maintain.

The best way to cut your monthly costs is not only by setting the temperature at a reasonable point – which in the winter is about 68 degrees and in the summer about 72 – but also to have a programmable thermostat in place. If you are going away for any extended period of time, then you will want to move the temperature slightly lower or higher than if you are just going to be gone for an hour or two. The mistake that many people make is to lower the temperature for short periods of time and then force the HVAC to work hard to get the temperature back where you want it.

What Wastes Energy?

If you set the temperature at a point where there is a huge variation, then your HVAC units have to work that much harder to get the temperature back where you want it to be. That can waste more energy than just varying it slightly or even keeping the temperature constant. It is okay to move the temperature a few degrees either way if you are going to be gone at work during the day, but if it’s any more than that you aren’t doing yourself, your HVAC systems or your monthly bill any favors.

Energy Savings Solutions

While it is true that keeping your thermostat just a few degrees less or more during the winter and summer throughout the year can save you a significant amount yearly, if you vary the temperature too much, then it can end up with you using more energy trying to get your HVAC system to catch up. Set your thermostat just a few degrees less and alter it slightly when gone for short periods of time, but don’t make yourself miserable or vary the temperature drastically, or you are just putting more wear and tear on your HVAC system.

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