May 12, 2017

Lower energy costs

Here are some things you can do to increase your HVAC efficiency and reduce your monthly energy costs.

Just as you get through the economic hardships of running your HVAC system to heat your home through the winter, summer comes along to up your electricity air conditioning costs. If you are tired of enormous energy bills, there are ways to ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency from your HVAC system and that it isn’t unwittingly costing you more than it should.

These are 7 key things you can do to increase your HVAC efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Some you can on your own while others you would be better off contacting a St. Louis HVAC specialist to help.

Ensure HVAC Efficiency

  1. Redesign your type of ductwork. Make sure that your ductwork is appropriate to the size of the place that it is heating and cooling. If you don’t have the right size, then you won’t ever get a consistent temperature throughout the house. Insulated round ducts are always better than long running flexible ones.
  2. Upgrade your refrigerant. Since federal law is phasing out R-2, choosing a better alternative like R-410A, is a great upgrade for efficiency.
  3. Balance the dampers. Use your diffuser grills to increase or decrease the airflow according to where the room resides and the size of the room.
  4. Location of indoor units. If you have an attic-mounted furnace, you should consider moving it to a more efficient part of the house. When they are in closets or on the floor, it causes much less condensation, which leads to less water damage. They are also easier to service.
  5. Upgrade. If you have outdated units that need to be replaced, you may need to think about buying new units. What will cost you upfront will end up saving you money monthly. And, it will also increase the overall energy efficiency of your home.
  6. Return air placement. Make sure that you have the appropriate air returns to help your air conditioner circulate air properly. If you don’t have a way for warm air to escape the room, it will be virtually impossible to cool it down.
  7. Changing the air filters. Air filters should be located where you can change them frequently and where they are most visible as a reminder. The more frequently you replace them, the better efficiency you will get from your HVAC.

These seven simple changes can help to increase your HVAC efficiency and to reduce your monthly energy costs.

St. Louis HVAC Specialists

If you are looking for some help in increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system or potentially upgrading it, contact Scott-Lee Heating Company today by calling (314) 200-0788.

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