February 15, 2018

controlling thermostat using tablet

“Smart home” apps allow you to change your thermostat when you aren’t home and turn it back up before you return.

One of the newest crazes in the technology industry is remote apps that can alter the temperature of your home. “Smart home” apps allow you to change your thermostat when you aren’t home and turn it back up when you know that you are about to return. That means that it is a bit more convenient than a manual programming system because it allows you to move the temperature up and down without ever having to touch the thermostat.

“Smart” Thermostats

Varying the temperature so that you aren’t heating and cooling a home that no one is occupying is a really smart idea – both for your monthly energy bill and to reduce wear and tear on your appliances. It’s not just about showing off your cool technology, remote thermostats are an excellent way to save on energy costs and to control your temperature when you aren’t home.

Smart thermostats are ideal for someone who either isn’t around all day or who travels for work. If you get a full-home monitoring system, then you can not only control the temperature through your smartphone or mobile device, you can also keep tabs on who is at your door and have 24/7 surveillance on, whether you are at home or not. You also never have to get out of bed to adjust a hot or cold room, simply press a button on your phone, and it adjusts automatically.

When Compared with Programmable Thermostats

Although programmable thermostats allow you to set different timings, they are limited if you find that your business trip is going to be extended slightly or if you are returning early and don’t want to walk into a too-cold or too-hot house. When you are on your way home, you can set things ahead of time to make sure that your home is comfortable from the moment you walk in, instead of having your house temperature slowly warming or cooling.

If you are looking for a reasonable way to heat and cool your home without manually programming your thermostat, then a remote thermostat is an excellent alternative. To save yourself some money, a remote thermostat with an app isn’t just “cool” and convenient, it is a smart investment to make to lower your energy costs and to automate your home even when you aren’t there.

St. Louis Thermostat Installation

There are a wide variety of thermostats. At Scott-Lee Heating we offer top quality Lennox thermostats. Lennox touchscreen thermostats are easy to program and have an app that you can use from your phone. They are energy smart and can save as much as $200 per year.

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