June 5, 2017

Reducing Energy Costs

Turning up your AC when you’re gone is a better alternative to turning it off.

When summer hits its peak, we are all going to rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable. However, one question that is always on every homeowner’s mind is how they can save on energy bills. You may wonder if turning off the air conditioner when leaving your house could be of any help.

It may make sense not to cool your home, or waste energy when you’re not there. However, the cost of cooling down your home once you do get back does not make that method cost-effective. In addition, keeping the air off when it’s hot and humid actually has adverse effects on your house itself.

Turn Up Instead of Off

However, there is a better way to save. Turn up your thermostat instead of turning the AC off. Ideally set the temperature up by approximately 7 degrees while you are away.

You might like to know how this helps help. Turning up thermostat aids in the following ways:

  • Protect your home from molds and bug infestations
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • Saves you money

Protect Your Home from Molds and Bug Infestations

When you turn off your AC the humidity level rises exponentially and your home is transformed into a perfect breeding ground for molds and bugs. Your AC doesn’t just cool the air but also dehumidifies it. When you turn it off, the humidity level rises nearly 60%, ideal for the growth of molds and bugs. But, if you turn up your thermostat as mentioned above, your AC will continue to dehumidify the air and maintain it at a healthy level.

Keeps You Comfortable

When you return home after work you will not enter into a stuffy home but a fresh, healthy, and breathable space. If your AC is on, certainly with thermostat up by 7, it will maintain the air quality.

Saves You Money

This might be strange but it’s true. If you leave your AC on, with thermostat up by about 7 degrees for up to 8 hours a day, it can save you a considerable amount on cooling costs throughout summer. When you raise the thermostat the difference between the outside and inside temperature decreases.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer precise control. They are energy smart and can save you money on your energy bills each year. At Scott-Lee Heating we offer top quality Lennox thermostats.

Contact us today for a consultation to discuss which thermostat best fits your needs and your budget. Call us today at (314) 200-0788 or fill out our online contact form. A Scott-Lee Comfort Specialist will be happy to help you improve the comfort level of your home environment.