January 31, 2016

socks in the winter

With winter upon us, we rely on our HVAC systems to keep us warm.

If you are considering investing in a new furnace for your home, look for a high efficiency furnace. The benefits of a high-efficiency furnace are real and measurable. How much can you save by investing in a high-efficiency furnace?

As energy costs continue to rise, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce heating costs during the winter. Energy-saving tips such as turning the thermostat down, closing the blinds, and investing in weather stripping can lessen energy use. However, to make a big impact on energy savings, you will need to replace your old furnace with a newer high-efficiency model.

High Efficiency Furnaces

Gas furnaces have a component called a heat exchanger. This component converts propane or natural gas into heat energy and the by-products of the combustion process are vented through the flue system. Condensing gas furnaces have more than one heat exchanger. A secondary heat exchanger removes additional heat from the gases, which condense to produce water vapor.

Furnaces that are 10 years or older do not meet the same efficiency requirements that modern furnaces are required to meet. Not only do older furnaces lose efficiency over time due to normal wear and tear, they lack the newer technology of their modern counterparts.

Reduce Energy Usage

According to the Department of Energy, a high efficiency furnace can dramatically reduce utility bills by 50 percent. If your existing furnace operates at 70 percent AFUE and you replace it with a 95 percent efficiency model, this represents an increase in the energy efficiency of over 26 percent. If your heating bill averages $100 a month, there is a potential cost savings of $312 annually. Pair your new, high efficiency furnace with a zoning system or programmable thermostat to achieve an even higher efficiency level.

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