February 22, 2016

two story ST. Louis home

Keep your home warm and cozy without increasing your heating costs.

Cranking up the furnace is one way to keep your house warm, but it could be costly in terms of energy expenses and environmental impact. We will recommend some simple ways to keep your home warm without increasing your energy bills.

Weather Proof the Garage Doors

You might be letting in cool air through the garage doors. Weatherstrip and insulate the garage doors and seal all cracks around the windows.

Check the Furnace Filter Regularly

Change the furnace filter every month during the winter season according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clean air filter will improve the efficiency of your furnace and keep you warm even during the coldest of winter months.

Check the Vents

Make sure that your HVAC system’s vents are clean and not clogged with dirt or blocked by furniture. This is important to ensure that warm air circulates freely across the house.

Prevent Cold Attic Air From Cooling Your House

The attic access cover and staircase may be a source of cold drafts. Weatherstripping is a good way to counter this problem. Ask your St. Louis HVAC contractor for a ready-made insulating attic access cover.

Minimize Heat Loss Through Windows

Windows are a major source of heat loss. Use weather stripping and caulking to prevent heat loss. Consider replacing the window panes with more energy-efficient ones and use window drapes to add additional insulation.

Improve Indoor Humidity

During winter, indoor air tends to be dry, which makes you feel colder and uncomfortable. By adding humidity to the air, you can feel more comfortable without turning up the furnace. Maintain relative humidity levels at 35 to 50 percent to stay warm and comfortable. Invest in a whole-house humidifier.

Choose the Right Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat. However, these thermostats can be helpful only if you program them correctly. Choose a smart thermostat that requires minimal user input. In addition to the items listed above, check for tiny gaps that may be letting in cold air from outside, for example, around electrical sockets.

If you think your furnace or heat pump is not working as efficiently as it this winter, call a St. Louis HVAC technician from Scott-Lee Heating Company to inspect your HVAC system. Call us at (314) 200-0788 for an appointment.