February 17, 2015

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A cold temperature inside the house can be detrimental to your health.

Having to deal with harsh winters here in St. Louis can be unpleasant at times and one should be able to come home to an inviting, warm, cozy atmosphere after a long day’s work. A chilly, under-heated house is quite unwelcoming and can be easily avoided if correct measures are taken. Keeping your temperatures set at the right range of desired comfort all year round can go a long way while inefficient heating systems and inadequate insulation can leave the home under-heated.

According to the World Health Organization, the ideal indoor temperature during winters should be set no lower than 64 degrees Fahrenheit and topped out around 70 degrees for homes with young and elderly ones. Here we’ll explain the importance of keeping your home properly heated from a health standpoint.

Health & Safety

  • Any moisture inside the house condenses in the winter due to low temperatures which leads to further dampness and mold formation. Mold causes complications and further aggravates individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Installation of extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to vent the stale and humid air outside of the house will help highly insulated homes as moisture can stay trapped without proper ventilation again leading to mold formation.
  • Blood pressure and heart rate can also be affected while exposed to less than ideal temperatures. As arteries constrict, blood pressure and heart rate will increase becoming extra detrimental to those already suffering from any heart conditions.
  • Being able to sleep through the night comfortably and without interruptions are key to getting the necessary sleep for a healthy lifestyle. If the temperature of your bedroom is lower than your body’s set temperature that it tries to achieve to give you that comfortable feeling, it will be extremely difficult for it to do so.

St. Louis HVAC

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