March 10, 2014

Many of us experience symptoms of allergies such as a stuffy or runny nose, skin rashes, breathing problems, or sneezing.

However, we normally blame it on the allergens present in the air outside of our home. However, we never think that the culprit might be right inside our home. Yes, it is true. The air inside your home can be polluted and may contain allergens.

You can do some simple things to ensure that the air inside your home is free from all allergens and pollutants. This can improve internal air quality and help you breathe easy.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Filters

The filters in your air conditioner and heating furnace are your first line of defense against the allergens and pollutants that can creep into the internal air. By checking them regularly and getting them replaced from an HVAC company can greatly reduce the allergens in the air. You can upgrade the filters and use more efficient ones that are capable of trapping smaller particles. Clogged filters do more damage than just spewing allergens in the air. They also increase energy consumption and may damage the equipment.

Install an Air Purifier

The best way to make your home allergen-free is to install equipment called an air purifier. You can either get a standalone air purifier or a whole house air purifier that is built into the HVAC system of your home. It captures the allergens and prevents them from settling on the surfaces.

Make Full Use of Exhaust Fans

You must always make full use of exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom. This will ensure that the allergens that develop during the cooking or washing process get vented outside. Make sure that the exhaust fans vent the air outside and not in the attic.

Install an Air Humidifier or Dehumidifier

Dry air or overly humid air can also cause allergies. So, keep track of the humidity levels in the house, and in case you find it too humid or dry, a humidifier or dehumidifier may be required.

Check Mold Formation

Mold spores are one of the most common allergens found inside the house. So make sure that you keep moisture levels in areas such as washrooms under check. A whole-house dehumidifier may be a good idea if humidity levels in your house remain high.

Keep Sources of Allergens at Bay

Air fresheners, mosquito repellents, cleansing agents, and other such chemicals may add a lot of allergens to the air. So use them judiciously.

These simple tips can greatly reduce the allergens in the air inside your house. However, most of us feel hassled taking care of everything on our own. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788.  We will ensure that your systems are working perfectly and that the air quality in your home is the best that it can be.

Photo credit: Liv Grace via Flickr