December 10, 2017

vent cover next to door

The right vent covers can significantly reduce your home’s energy costs!

There are all sorts of different vent covers in the HVAC industry. Vent covers work by isolating specific areas of your home and either increasing the flow to some areas or decreasing or eliminating it to others. Not many people give much thought to vent covers, but they should. They are an excellent way to regulate the flow of air from the HVAC system and can help significantly to cut down on your heating and cooling costs.

How Your HVAC Vent System Works

In every home, there are two types of supply and return vents. They work to keep the conditions in your home comfortable and tepid. The return vents regulate the air in your home back to your HVAC system and run continually to regulate the temperature of your home.

A Cold Air Return Vent

It is possible to have return vents in every room of your home, but in most cases, they are centrally located. Most St. Louis HVAC contractors recommend that every room has its own return vent to circulate air more effectively. Cold air returns help control the flow and the pressure of air circulation throughout your home. If set up correctly, they work by drawing in air that is closest to your home’s overall set temperature.

A Supply Register Vent

Just like every room should have a cold air return, experts recommend that every room has its own supply register. They are used to create pathways for your HVAC system to change the temperature of a room to make it more accommodating. These supply registers are typically located on the walls, under the floors, or under windows. The key to having your supply registers work best is to space them appropriately to accommodate the size of the room.

Vent Grills or Covers

While both types of vents are equally important to regulating heating and cooling in your home, they can’t work as efficiently as if you use vent covers to isolate them. It’s not just about regulating the air that circulates your home, there are air vent covers that work to remove allergens and other impurities from your home to improve your indoor air quality.

The key to using vent covers is to use them in the right way and in the right position. Shutting off some vents when a room is barely used is a good idea so that your HVAC isn’t working overtime pushing needless warm or cold air into places where it isn’t needed.

St. Louis HVAC Maintenance

As important as vent covers are, it is also crucial to make sure that your vents are cleaned regularly, not just to keep your house running efficiency and to put less wear and tear on your HVAC system, but also to make your air quality healthier for the entire family. To make sure that your HVAC is adequately utilizing the vents as they should, having an evaluation by a professional HVAC contractor in St. Louis is an excellent way to keep everyone and everything in your home healthy and efficient.

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