April 12, 2017

Vent covers St Louis

Vent covers are an integral part of the HVAC system, though they might not seem as vital.

Most homeowners do not put much thought into a vent cover. While there are some who place importance on how the vent covers look with respect to the decor of their home, there is much more in terms of functionality that homeowners should pay attention to. Here are a few reasons why it is important to pay attention to the vent covers in your house.

What are Vent Covers?

Vent covers cover the vent openings of the HVAC system that circulate the air in the room that comes through the ducts. They are an integral part of the HVAC system, though they might not seem as vital. There are two types of vents that an HVAC system comprises of:

  • Supply Vents – Supply vents or supply register vents allow the desired hot or cold air to enter the rooms in the house from the HVAC. They are often found on the outer walls, on the floor or under windows and are ideally spaced separately from return vents, to prevent re-circulation of the conditioned air coming in from the HVAC.
  • Return Vents – These vents suck in unconditioned air from the rooms into the ducts that carry it to the HVAC system for conditioning. Return vents are more centrally located in rooms and are often found on interior walls, higher off the ground. They help in controlling the airflow and pressure in the house.

Both the supply and return vents are covered with vent covers or grills that are ideally designed to control the airflow through the vents. Vent covers are available in many styles and designs and can be chosen to suit the decor of a room. Some vent covers have an added functionality of removing impurities from the air which improves indoor air quality.

Vent covers come in many types. Both register vents, as well as return vents, have vent covers. These vent covers come in a host of materials like color coated metal or polished wood.

Caring for a Vent Cover

With air circulating in and out of the vent cover, it is bound to accumulate dust over time and get dirty. Therefore just like the HVAC system, it is essential to get it cleaned and maintained regularly. Ideally, maintenance of a vent cover should be conducted once a year by a trained and qualified St. Louis HVAC technician.

However, certain areas, especially places where there is high traffic will gather more dirt and require cleaning more often than other vent covers. Therefore it is advised that such vent covers get cleaned more regularly than the once-a-year maintenance period. Cleaning such a vent cover as part of a weekly or monthly home cleaning is ideal.

Keeping vent covers clean will not only ensure that they look clean, but they will also function better, improving the quality of the air they circulate.

St. Louis HVAC Maintenance

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