Furnace installation during the winter season in Ladue, MO could be a stressful process. Your furnace might give up on a chilly day and you could be left with no heating system. Therefore, you need to consider furnace replacement before the winter starts. Scott-Lee Heating Company can solve all your heating installation problems. Our company has been providing high-quality heating services since 1978.

    Furnace Installation in Ladue, MO

    If you’re hearing unsettling noises emanating from your aging furnace or experiencing inconsistent cooling, coupled with sudden spikes in your energy bills, these are clear indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your old unit. Older furnace models often demand frequent repairs, draining your finances month after month. However, transitioning to a modern, energy-efficient furnace brings a world of difference.

    These newer models boast a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, offering sustained warmth throughout the winter without the incessant need to tweak the thermostat to combat the chilly intrusions within your home. Moreover, the benefits extend beyond mere temperature control. With an upgraded system, you’ll notice an enhancement in indoor air quality, ensuring a healthier environment, while significantly reducing the risk of potential fire hazards that could be associated with outdated furnace technology.

    Skilled Furnace Installation in Ladue

    Before installing a new furnace, certified technicians do a complete analysis of your current air distribution system. Substandard ductwork can decrease your new furnace’s performance. The ductwork is inspected and any gaps or loose connections are repaired. After ensuring that the ductwork is functioning properly, the technicians remove your old furnace.
    Skilled Furnace Installation in Ladue, MO

    The new furnace is then installed by completing the following steps:
    • Properly aligning the furnace
    • Connecting the furnace to supply plenum
    • Properly sealing ductwork connections
    • Connecting to the gas line
    • Checking for any leaks
    • Connecting condensate line
    • Connecting fuel pipe to furnace
    • Connecting thermostat wiring to unit

    After completing the installation, the technician will run the heating system and make sure that your furnace is working properly.

    Trusted Furnace Replacement Services

    When you need to get your furnace replaced and require services from a highly experienced and licensed company, put your trust in Scott-Lee Heating Company. We are a locally owned business working in Ladue and nearby areas for the past 40 years. All our technicians are NATE-certified and we use energy-efficient heating units only. Our company has a continuous streak of winning the Lennox Award for 26 years for our expertise and high customer satisfaction ratio. We also offer discounts on heating system services and financing options after credit approval.

    You can call us anytime if you want to schedule your furnace installation.

    Looking for a new air conditioner? We also provide prompt AC installation. In case your furnace requires sudden repair or you want to maintain its proper functioning, contact Scott-Lee Heating Company for furnace repair. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your furnace running long-term. Call to schedule your annual tune-up during the fall season.