If your AC system is old and ineffective, you may be looking for AC installation in Ladue, MO. Scott-Lee Heating Company works with all major HVAC brands and can advise you about which type of air conditioning system is best for your home or office. Installing a new AC system can help save you money over the long run. If you don’t have a fully functioning AC system, your health and wellbeing may be affected. A professional AC replacement from our team will allow you to keep your home or office at a consistent temperature.

    AC Installation in Ladue, MO

    The Top AC Installation Company in Ladue

    Scott-Lee Heating Company offers great AC replacement for those who have an ancient AC system that’s no longer effective. You may need to replace your AC system if it’s old and regularly breaks down. In many instances, replacement is more cost-effective than paying to maintain and repair your old system.

    The Top AC Installation Company in Ladue

    There are many signs that your AC system has a problem and may need to be replaced. Call us straight away if you notice any of the following problems.
    • An increase in utility bills
    • Strange noises or smells
    • Warm air coming out of your AC
    • Trouble turning on AC
    • Your AC system breaks down regularly and needs to be repaired
    • You system is over ten years old

    Trusted Local AC Replacement

    Scott-Lee Heating Company offers AC installation for people who want to create a comfortable environment in their homes or businesses. A large selection of AC systems are available, from small wall-mounted ductless units that cool a single room to a more extensive central system that can keep your whole home at a consistent temperature. We can advise you about which system is suitable for your specific needs.

    We have over forty years of experience installing and maintaining AC systems in the local areas. We aim to offer excellent customer service and great value for money. Our company is locally owned and operated and serves Ladue and the areas of Clayton, Ballwin, and Des Peres, plus many more!

    Trusted Local Ladue AC ReplacementWe’re proud to serve Ladue and the surrounding area and offer AC installation to homes and businesses in the area. Contact Scott-Lee Heating Company today to book an installation with our team!

    Sometimes, considering a furnace replacement at the same time as replacing your AC can make good sense. Ask us for a consultation regarding your heater, too!

    Are you having problems with your air conditioning? At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we also offer AC repair and can find the cause of the problem and fix it fast.

    Looking to maintain your current AC system. We also offer an effective maintenance service. We can check your system over to ensure it will cope this summer.