Furnace Maintenance in Ladue, MORegular furnace maintenance in Ladue, MO is necessary to keep your unit in excellent condition. Without regular maintenance, various components and parts will shift out of place or loosen, and you won’t be able to quickly identify and discover minor problems, like small cracks in the heat exchangers or even a dirty pilot light. Left to fester, these minor problems can become major headaches.
    The service will include a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside components. During the furnace tune-up in Ladue, our team will also check the condition of the filter and try to look for problems that need to be addressed. Because of this reason, we highly recommend that you schedule your regular service during mid-to-late fall. This gives us plenty of time to schedule extensive repairs if they are needed before winter arrives.

    Reliable Furnace Maintenance

    Don’t only rely on an annual service to keep your furnace in great shape. Throughout the year, you might notice some odd signs coming from the furnace. Whenever you do, give Scott-Lee Heating Company a call and we can send a technician out for a service. They’ll be able to provide you with more information on what your furnace needs and whether any preventative measures should be taken.
    Furnace Tune-up - Scott Lee Heating Company

    The furnace will act differently before it fails completely. Some signs that you need to call us for a tune-up include:
    • A sudden rise in energy bills
    • Inadequate and irregular heating
    • Persistent, loud noises during operation
    • Foul, strange odors coming from unit
    • Water leakages and stains near unit

    Best Furnace Tune-Up in Ladue

    Furnace Maintenance in Ladue MOWith over 40 years of experience, Scott-Lee Heating Company has perfected our furnace maintenance services. Regardless of the type of furnace that you have in your home, our team can easily disassemble the unit to inspect and service it. We’ll be able to quickly and easily identify areas of concern, and you can rest assured that you’re getting exemplary workmanship and customer service. Our team is NATE-certified and members of the Home Builders Association. Our commitment to excellence has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has won us the Dave Lennox Award 26 times!

    To schedule fast and reliable furnace tune-up services in Ladue, give us a call today, and we’ll send someone over within 24 hours.

    Don’t neglect your AC system because it is just as vulnerable. Call us immediately for RYNO-04-22-2020-Beanhref=”/ac-maintenance-ladue-mo/”>AC maintenance as well. If your furnace appears to be acting up or performing poorly, give us a call for furnace repair services. Are you ready to move on to a newer and better system? Contact us to learn more about furnace installation and replacement.