July 25, 2017

Commercial HVAC St Louis

Scott-Lee Heating can help enhance the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system and minimize operational costs.

What most facility and property managers desire to find is a way to enhance the efficiency of their commercial HVAC systems so as to minimize their operational costs. It becomes even more important during the summer months when cooling is absolutely necessary.

You can make use of specialized equipment that is installed in the HVAC system to achieve higher efficiency. Read on to know more about these components.

Enhanced Airflow

You can integrate terminal units into your HVAC to improve airflow. They improve the airflow quality in your building, ensuring more comfort to your employees. St. Louis HVAC technicians explain that the enhanced airflow does not put pressure on the systems, which means they will use less energy. In most cases, outdated HVAC systems can only distribute a limited amount of air in a room. Terminal units, on the other hand, can distribute various amounts of air depending on need. Up-to-date HVAC systems ensure more efficiency, which translates into lower operational costs.

These terminal units are integrated into the system ductwork just close to every room of the building. They also work with each room’s thermostat. Terminal units convey information to the thermostats which close and open dampeners. These dampeners then release warm air into the room. This way, every room can have a varying amount of airflow as required.

Enhancing Overall Comfort

Enhancing overall comfort means improving the comfort of the building by underflow air distribution. However, this is easier for a new building still under construction than for an already existing building. This is a great technique because you do not have to rely solely on overhead configurations. The air ducts are installed under the floor.

Terminal units can also be installed underneath the floor. However, this is only possible if they are powered by fans. Diffusers can then be used to distribute air to the room from the floor. Once this happens, the thermostats can be set higher. To facilitate the building automation, network and power cables can be installed under the floor.

Use of Building Automation

Building automation is another technique that can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. One way of integrating building automation is through automated lighting. With automated lighting, lights automatically switch on when the room is occupied and go off when it is unoccupied. When automated lighting is connected with the HVAC system, they can work together to circulate the required amount of air in a room.

Performing Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is very important. Never underestimate it. No matter how up-to-date you think the equipment in your systems is, it still has to be kept in excellent condition. Always perform routine maintenance to keep it efficient.

HVAC systems can save you a lot through less energy consumption and enhanced efficiency. The more efficient your system is the less operational cost you will incur. Take the time to perform routine maintenance, enhance overall comfort, use building automation and enhance airflow. You will save a good amount of funds that you can use elsewhere.

St. Louis Commercial Air Conditioning

If you are a business in St. Louis, you no doubt want to keep your building cool and your employees comfortable. To schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system or to find out how you can lower operational costs, contact Scott-Lee Heating Company today. Call us at (314) 200-0788 or fill out our online contact form.