October 21, 2016

custom st louis hvac install

With custom HVAC installation, you get a more efficient system that consumes less energy.

If you are building your dream home or a new commercial facility, you are likely thinking of the best ways to optimizing your indoor environment. Your comfort level inside your home or office depends on a variety of factors including precise temperature control and the right humidity levels. For better comfort and health, you should consider an HVAC installation that is customized to your needs. In this post, St. Louis HVAC experts will discuss the benefits of a custom HVAC installation.

High-Tech Equipment

With custom HVAC installation, you can take advantage of the latest technological advancements that include heating and cooling systems that adjust their operation automatically to match heating and cooling demands. Programmable thermostats give you the convenience of pre-scheduling different temperatures for different days of the week and different times of the day. High efficiency solutions such as ductless systems can individualize comfort in each room.

Right Size System for Your Home or Facility

It is important that your HVAC system is neither too large not too small for your home or commercial facility. Oversized systems can waste energy with frequent on-off cycles, and undersized systems tend to run constantly without maintaining the required temperature. For proper sizing of the HVAC unit, Scott-Lee Heating carefully evaluates the building plan to analyze various factors such as building size to the number of windows, doors, and occupants, and sizes the system accordingly.

Balanced Air Delivery

An extremely important aspect of customized HVAC installation is determining the optimal location, size and placement of ducts for establishing balance air pressure between supply and return channels. The quality of ductwork can significantly impact the performance of the system in the long run. If the ductwork is not installed properly, it can cause loose connections and leaks to develop that will adversely affect system performance and indoor air quality.

Cost Savings

Custom HVAC installation involves careful planning and all factors involved in designing the building are taken into account. The money you save over the course of time will help offset the initial costs. Proper design, installation, and positioning of the equipment improves efficiency, eliminates waste, and helps save a lot of money in future.

Extraordinary Comfort

With custom HVAC installation, you can rest assured that your home will be extraordinarily comfortable regardless of how cold, hot or humid it is outside. When you have clean, fresh air in your home, you not only feel more comfortable, but enjoy the added health benefits.

Clean and Green Environment

HVAC systems are often the biggest energy guzzlers in homes. With custom HVAC installation, you get more efficient systems that consume less energy. It helps keep the environment clean and green.

These are just some of the benefits of custom HVAC installation. If you too are building a new home, we recommend that you go for a customized, centralized HVAC installation. Get in touch with our Scott-Lee Heating Company today for more information. Call (314) 200-0788!