August 12, 2015

The major part of the construction or renovation budget of a commercial building usually goes into installation and maintenance of HVAC system.

Purchasing and installing a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system is no small investment. However, a high performance device of the right-size can trim your energy costs remarkably.

Buying and Installing a Correct Size HVAC System

There is a common misconception that the bigger the system, the more efficient it is. But most commercial heating and cooling devices run at less than half their capacity. This is because most commercial buildings have oversized systems, which is not needed. So, it is important to get the size system required for your building from your contractor. Ideally, a correct-size would be 10 to 15 % bigger than the actual size. This is recommended as a safety measure. There are many factors that are considered to determine the correct size. This will include building’s age, desired use, required ventilation, heat generated in the office space due to lighting system and machinery, and the number of occupants in the facility.

If you have plans of extending your building in the future, you should go for a system that can be modified according to the property size. Buy systems that run well at both partial and full-load capacity. You may decide to buy a modular system that can be integrated with additional equipment in the future. If you plan on doing this, leave enough space around the equipment for the supplemental components.

Saving on Energy Bills

You may have invested a considerable chunk in buying and installing a high-grade HVAC system, but the key point is its monthly or yearly running cost. An energy-efficient system can cut down your power bill by 10 -40 percent. But if you buy one of the right-size that figure can be even higher. It is indeed an effective way to lean your energy costs.


Short-cycling results in running and stopping the device at short intervals that can decrease its durability. It will create repair and replacement needs before long. Again a device running on partial load does not dehumidify the space optimally. Moisture makes the occupants uncomfortable and breeds molds. Mold can endanger the structure of the property and also the well being of its occupants; sourcing the services of pest control to de-mold the entire structure is a cost and inconvenience that is better avoided.

Go Green

By purchasing a system of the correct size you will ensure a hygienic workplace for your employees and it will also bring down your carbon footprint. You will also help your local utility company by reducing your power demand. Lastly, you will be rewarded with lesser power cuts at the peak working hours.

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