August 28, 2017

Whether you need to repair or replace your air conditioning system, you can count on Scott-Lee Heating Company to be there.

Having your AC run effectively is vital for your home, especially during the hot summer months. If you notice that your system is making some strange sounds or there are signs of slow performance, you should get it checked. It could be that the system is getting old and is worn out. Other issues may be easily fixed but still require the service of an experience St. Louis HVAC technician.

The following are some common issues that your AC system may be having.

What To Do If:

The AC is under-performing – There are a number of different reasons for this and the majority of them will require professional attention of some sort. But there are a few things you can check before you give us a call. Make sure that the thermostat settings are right and check that vents are not blocked. Make sure that the outside unit is free of debris.

Water is leaking from the unit – To correct this problem you can check the drain system of the AC. See if there is a clog in the water tunnel.

Airflow is inadequate – This problem is typically caused by clogged filters. Air flow is restricted by such filters and the system is not able to cool the air. To ensure maximum efficiency, every year you must clean the filters before the onset of the summer season. Otherwise, you can ask a technician to do it.

Warm air is leaking in – For this problem, you can rectify it by sealing the spaces around your windows and doors. This will prevent the hot air from coming in and the cold air from seeping out.

When To Seek Professional Help

The AC does not start at all – If you find that the fan and compressor are damaged due to frequent use, call a qualified St. Louis HVAC technician to fix it.

The thermostat shows the wrong temperature – In case the reading on the thermostat does not match the actual air temperature, it is time to call the technician.

The AC does not work even though it is turned on – This problem may arise because of a leakage in the cooling system or the lack of sufficient power. A technician will have to be called to fix the leak or recharge the unit.

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Whether you need to repair or replace your air conditioning system, you can count on Scott-Lee Heating Company to be there when you need us, charge you a fair and honest price, and stand behind our work 100%.

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