May 6, 2015

changing air filter

Preventative maintenance of your HVAC system is necessary to ensure that your air conditioner will serve you well this summer.

A preventative maintenance program will reduce the need for unanticipated repairs and minimize expenses. Increase your knowledge about the HVAC system as well as become familiar with how preventative maintenance is performed. This knowledge will allow you to find out which maintenance work you can perform yourself and which maintenance work will require a St. Louis HVAC repair professional.

Become Familiar With the System

All central air conditioning systems have two main parts, the condenser and evaporator. The air conditioning condenser unit is normally located at the side or rear portion of the home. The evaporator coil is positioned on top of the furnace along the duct junction. A forced-air distribution system is also connected to the air conditioning system. The house is heated using the same motor blower and ductwork used in keeping it cool.

Maintain the Air Filters

Maintaining the air filters of the air conditioning unit is the easiest preventative maintenance measure. It will extend the life of the HVAC system and allow you to avoid expensive repairs. The fan may become clogged up if the air filters are blocked with dust and dirt. This will weigh down the fan and prevent it from working properly. This may lead to a severe malfunction in the system, which can result in expensive repairs or the need to replace the unit.

Maintain the Air Ducts

Airflow will be obstructed if the air ducts are clogged. This will cause the system to work harder and increase utility bills. The motor may even burn out due to this situation. It is necessary to check the air ducts and maintain their cleanliness in order to avoid expensive replacement or repair fees. The same principle should be followed by the other fans in the system.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Expensive replacement or repair fees can be avoided with the use of a preventative maintenance program through a St. Louis HVAC company. Remember, emergency service calls will always be more expensive compared to a standard service call. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 to schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioning system.