October 29, 2017

St. Louis man checking ductless mini split

If you are considering a ductless system for your office or commercial space, talk to our St. Louis HVAC experts now.

Sometimes, the ductwork in a building ruins the aesthetic appeal. A ductless option is available for people who want to have an aesthetic HVAC system and an elegant and smart looking space. In this article, we will discuss the top benefits of installing a ductless air conditioning system in your commercial building.

Free From Dust

A ductless AC is beneficial for all commercial activities which can be hindered due to dust. For instance, a layer of dust can deter the customers and bring down the sales of a furniture store, a home decor business, or an art gallery. In this system, there are no ducts where the dust can accumulate and spread all over the place.

Multiple Cooling Zones

A ductless AC is an ideal choice for spaces that have many rooms that require different levels of heating and cooling. For instance, in a restaurant, the heating and cooling requirements are different for the kitchen where the chefs work with hot stoves and grills, where the customers sit and dine and where the food is stored.

The zoned system is very useful for such places because it is possible to control each air handler individually. It helps to customize the climate conditions according to the needs.

Suitable Addition to the Existing System

A thriving business may have a good HVAC system in the existing space. However, it may need to add a new space. In such a situation, a ductless AC may be the best option. It will be a modern supplement to the old system. So there will be no need to replace the entire system. This will save a lot of extra expenditure.

Save Energy Costs

An AC system without ductwork can help save energy costs because the temperature requirements of different rooms can be controlled independently. For instance, a conference room does not need the same amount of heating or cooling like the other rooms as it is not used on a daily basis. So the same amount of energy need not be supplied to it every day. This can cut down the electricity consumption and thereby reduce the expenditure on the electricity bills.

Offers Flexibility

A ductless system provides more flexibility and is ideal for people who give top priority to interior design. The air handlers can be installed at various locations. It is possible to suspend them from a ceiling, place them in a drop ceiling or mount them to a wall. Besides this, a floor model is also available.

Less Noisy

The ductless AC may be a very good option for the jobs and activities which require a quiet and peaceful ambiance. The central AC systems and window units make noise in a window frame. The AC without ductwork is relatively quieter.

No Extra Space Required for Ducts

In many areas in the cities, there is a shortage of space. It may be difficult to accommodate the ductwork in such places. A ductless system is very suitable for such locations.

St. Louis Mini Split Installation and Maintenance

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