October 19, 2017

HVAC technician with checklist

Misconceptions related to an HVAC system can prevent building managers from keeping their systems in good shape.

Commercial HVAC systems maintain the temperature of the building and keep the place comfortable throughout the year. Cooling and heating are equally important during the summer, winter, spring, and fall. But many people are under the false impression that they are essential only during the summer and winter seasons. So they tend to neglect them at other times. Besides this, there are some misconceptions related to the HVAC systems which prevent building managers from keeping their systems in good shape.

Myth 1 – There is No Need to Fix a System Until it is Broken

People think that that they need not take any action or fix the system until it breaks down. It is a mistake to believe that nothing can be wrong with the system until it is broken. In fact, a commercial HVAC system can continue to work with minor flaws or broken components for a long time. These defects may not be visible. If they are not rectified in time they can damage the whole system. It is imperative to arrange for regular inspections to get hold of these problems in the initial stages itself and not allow them to become disastrous.

Myth 2 – Changing Air Filters is an Easy Task and Anyone Can Do It

It is a common belief that changing an air filter is very simple. Many people think that it is a ‘do it yourself’ task. This concept is far from reality. If an air filter is not replaced properly it can allow more trash and dirt to enter into the system. So this work should be done by a professionally qualified St. Louis HVAC technician.

Myth 3 – When it is Cold the Place Can Be Kept Warm By Closing the Air Vents

The HVAC system can perform optimally when the circulation and ventilation are proper. It helps to restrict or prevent the growth of mold. When it is cold, people close the vents because they are under the impression that this will help to make the place warmer. This is a misconception. If the air vents are closed the air does not circulate properly and there are more chances for the growth of mold.

Myth 4 – The Building Gets Heated Faster When the Thermostat is Turned to Its Maximum Setting

Another myth is that if the thermostat is set at its maximum limit the building will get heated faster. Logically it does seem to be correct. But in reality, it is not. If the building is allowed to heat up gradually it will improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. It will also save the system from getting damaged in the long run.

Myth 5 – Turning the HVAC On And Off Helps to Save Energy

There is a mistaken belief that power can be saved by switching the HVAC on and off. But this is not true. Actually, the HVAC consumes more energy if it is switched on and off every day.