November 17, 2017

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Zoning systems are quiet and efficient, giving you more control over the comfort of your home.

There used to be very few options when it came to heating and cooling your home or office. However, today HVAC zoning is the perfect way to maximize the heating and cooling in your home. It helps to cut back on energy usage and lower the average homeowner’s monthly HVAC costs. If installed correctly, zoning also helps to provide more targeted comfort in designated areas throughout your house, instead of having uneven temperatures or heating and cooling places when no one is occupying them.

Benefits of a Zoning System

It can be difficult to effectively and evenly heat a home from top to bottom. Zoning gives HVAC contractors the ability to break up the areas of the house to better eliminate cold spots and to schedule when to heat a room and when you don’t want it heated. The reason that it is called “zoned” heating is that you can divide a home up into several different living spaces, or zones, where the heating and cooling can be controlled independently.

History of Zoning Systems

When you use an entire zoned forced air system that goes from a furnace to various places, you need multiple components and systems. In the past, most of the systems were also unreliable and provided poor heating and cooling airflow, and had things like dampers that would bend or break and compromise the system over time.

In past generations, zoned air systems required frequent service calls, more maintenance, and homeowners were often disappointed with repair costs. But the new systems of today aren’t the same, which is why more contractors are giving zoned air another look. Many are offering innovative zoned HVAC systems to their clients as a bonus. New zoned HVAC equipment options are no longer pieced together, they come completely designed and ready to install, which does away with some of the hardships of the previous models and prior zoned air component generations.

Many St. Louis HVAC contractors say that zoned air systems are not only the newest trend in HVAC systems but that they are captivating an entirely new audience of home builders and building contractors. With most models costing less to build than traditional HVAC whole-house systems, the additional savings that you get on your monthly bill means they just make more sense for the average homeowner.

Thermostats and Zoning Systems

A totally redesigned thermostat is a welcomed addition for many looking to cut monthly energy costs and wanting the ability to control their HVAC systems remotely to increase their home’s comfort level. These zoned thermostats offer precise control which means perfect comfort. In addition, they are energy smart and can save as much as $200 per year.

Scott-Lee Heating Company

A zoning system effectively transforms a single heating and cooling system into two, three or four, each with its own thermostat control. It offers much greater temperature and comfort control throughout all the living areas of your home. Contact Scott-Lee Heating today at (314) 200-0788 to discuss your zoning system options. We will help you decide which system fits your needs and budget.