March 2, 2024

The Benefits of Upgrading Your AC Before Summertime

When the time comes to replace your AC, the experts recommend a proactive approach. While you can certainly install an AC in summer, it usually isn’t the best time. Installing it in spring or even fall will save you money and inconvenience. With that in mind, let’s explore the many reasons HVAC experts advise not waiting until the warmer months.

Peace of Mind

Having your new HVAC system in place before summer arrives gives you peace of mind. You can now invite family and friends over and know they’ll be comfortable. You won’t have to worry about something going wrong while they’re here. You’ll also have a new warranty to protect you. A new warranty ensures your AC is free of defects for many years to come.

More Time to Research

Time to make a decision is an oft-overlooked advantage of a proactive approach. Many homeowners who replace their ACs in summer experience a time crunch. Either you need to replace a failed AC now or your scheduling options are pressuring you. This means that you have to decide on a big investment in a very short period.

When you decide in advance this is when you’ll schedule, you give yourself all the time you need. Explore the many different brands and models. Consider the pros and cons each model offers your home. Define a budget and work to maximize it. Think about add-ons that can make your system even better. Examples include whole-house air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

Avoid a Sudden Failure

The number one reason many homeowners wait until summer is a break-fix approach. The idea is that they’ll save money by waiting until they need the new equipment. You might save more money in the short term, but most homeowners end up spending more money in the end. An older AC that’s on its way out costs more to run. When it finally does go, you’ll have to scramble to schedule and coordinate the replacement. You may even have to deal with a hot and humid home while you wait.

Installer Availability

Another potential problem that many homeowners overlook is installer availability. Summer and winter are the peak seasons for HVAC companies. This is when they do the bulk of their emergency repairs, scheduled repairs, and installs. Scheduling in advance lets you beat the rush. If you wait, you may be on a waiting list or have to settle for an inferior installer.

Labor prices may be higher too. HVAC companies don’t generally charge more directly for summer installs, but there are often more discounts available in spring and fall. In addition, some homeowners will opt to pay more for priority service and/or service outside normal business hours.

Equipment Availability

Availability of equipment is a factor as well. HVAC companies have less stock during summer. Supply chains are slower to source the most popular AC models. The unit you can acquire the same day in spring may take days or even weeks to arrive in the height of summer. Equipment prices are higher, too. Increased demand and reduced supply drive the prices up. The HVAC brands are also less likely to offer rebates and other coupons during this peak period.

Lower Energy Consumption

A new system will consume a lot less energy. The difference is much more than many homeowners expect. There are several factors to consider. The first is that your current AC is old. The EPA estimates that a 20-year-old AC can use three times as much power as it did when it was new. A new AC will use less just by the fact of being new, but there is more to it than that. Air conditioning technologies have advanced greatly in the decade or decades since you bought your last AC. That results in significant savings for you on a month-to-month basis.

Improved Comfort

We’ve already mentioned how it can be a drag to wait for an AC install in summer. It can be bad enough that you may not even want to wait in your home. But there is also the aspect of having better comfort on the first day you need it. You’ve likely gotten used to your old AC. But you’re probably dealing with uneven cooling, uncomfortable temperatures, weak airflow, and high humidity. By installing your AC now, you won’t have to deal with any of that. Enjoy air that’s cool, crisp, and odor-free.

Available Rebates

Rebates are another reason to consider the timing of your AC upgrade. Note that the federal government offers tax incentives on an annual and not seasonal basis. However, you may be able to offset your upfront costs further through credits or rebates. Depending on your area, these may be available through the local government, your power company, and other organizations. When you take advantage of these offers can make a difference in how much you get.

Have a Dehumidifier Installed and Ready to Go

Many homeowners are opting for a whole-house dehumidifier as an upgrade to their AC. Having this add-on installed alongside your AC will be less inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming outside of summer. A dehumidifier is a great upgrade for many reasons. It lowers relative humidity in the home, which is better for comfort and air quality. It also reduces the workload on your AC. That results in better energy efficiency and less wear and tear.

Better Air Quality

Central air systems can harm indoor air quality. This is one of the reasons seasonal maintenance and regular duct cleaning are so important. An AC not only blows dust but plays a role in the elevated concentration levels of pollutants and contaminants. Newer ACs are much better in this regard. Your new AC will be factory-clean and free of impurities. You may get new ducts as well. If not, this is a great time to have your technician vacuum out your existing ductwork.

Enjoy Safe Cooling Too

While ACs aren’t as dangerous as gas furnaces and boilers, they can present some risks. Electrical issues are a top cause of home fires, and ACs are often the culprit. The good news is that AC design has come a long way. There are more safeguards in place to avoid overheating and overvoltage. In addition, building codes have been improved and refined. When your HVAC company installs your AC, it will be according to all federal, state, and local codes. A city inspector will then come to your home to sign off on the installation.

AC Upgrades in St. Louis

If you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioning system, Scott-Lee Heating Company is here to help. We have over 45 years of experience upgrading ACs in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Our technicians install, maintain, and repair furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits as well. We also have indoor air quality experts who install air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and energy recovery ventilators. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or service appointment or with any questions about the products and services we offer.