September 26, 2013

Ground source heat pumps utilize the solar energy that is stored in the earth. St. Louis Heat Pump

The earth has a fairly constant temperature and can be used to provide hot water, as well as heating and cooling for either commercial buildings or residences. Ground source heat pumps are electrically powered.

What do they do?

Ground source heat pumps can provide space heating, cooling, and hot water for a home or business through the one system. There is a thermostat located indoors and to switch from one mode to another you simply adjust the thermostat.

How do they work?

Ground source heat pumps use either open or closed loops that can be installed in three different ways. Determining which choice you should go with (horizontal, vertical, or rock/pond installation) depends on your location and the surrounding land.

Open-loop systems and closed-loop systems operate in similar ways. Closed-loop systems use either antifreeze or a water solution that circulates through pipes made of plastic buried underground. Then during winter months, the solution is used to collect heat from the earth and then circulate it back to the home or building. During warmer months the system is reversed and the solution takes the heat out of the building and redeposits into the ground. There are significant savings to be had by using this system because in the summer hot water is free.

What are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?

Ground source heat pumps are extremely efficient. They boost the efficiency of other common heating systems by about 50-70%. And they are about 20-40% more efficient than current air conditioning systems. Any system that improves efficiency will translate to energy savings for your home or business.

Ground source heat pumps are safe for families, pets, and the environment. There are no exterior units because the components are buried underground. There are no flammable fuels, open flames, or dangerous fuel storage tanks. They are also very quiet, which means that there will be no disruptive noise and loud fans.

How is an installation done and where is the system located?

Because the system is installed underground, there is not a huge amount of space required. There is an outdoor component and an indoor component. The indoor component of the heat pump is a comparable size to the size of a normal heating and cooling system.

How long do they last?

Ground source heat pumps are long-lasting and very reliable. The systems are protected because they are located inside your home and underground. The piping component of the underground system has a warranty of 50 years.

St. Louis Heat Pump Installation

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