March 17, 2021

Family enjoying Indoor Air Quality

What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

As health issues become more important for families, many St. Louis homeowners are looking for ways to improve air quality inside their homes. Indoor air quality has been linked to many health issues, such as allergies and respiratory illnesses. Families with young children, elderly, or immune-compromised people are especially concerned because airborne irritants increase the chances of worsening or causing chronic medical problems. At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we work with St. Louis homeowners to find affordable and effective ways to improve indoor air quality. The first step is to know if you have an indoor air quality problem, and an air quality monitor is an excellent investment.

1. What is an Air Quality Monitor?

Air quality monitors are designed to detect harmful airborne particles within a specific area based on square footage. You can have a monitor for only certain parts of your home, such as bedrooms and living spaces, or you can find whole-home air quality monitors. We recommend whole-home monitors for households with children, the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions. You may also want a whole-home model if you are concerned with viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

2. How Do Air Quality Monitors Work?

Indoor air quality monitors work by continuously taking samples of the air in a room or home. The monitor has sensors that detect certain types of airborne particles. You can find models that only detect certain types of particles that are of concern to you, such as mold spores and dust, or you can find a model that detects an array of particles.

3. What Does an Air Quality Monitor Tell Me?

Your air quality monitor will tell you the levels of each type of particle in your home. Some models can also alarm when levels of particles reach a certain threshold.

4. How Are Air Quality Monitors Installed?

You can find air quality monitors that you put on a table in the room where you want to monitor air quality. We can also help you find larger models that fit within your HVAC system for air quality monitoring throughout your entire home.

5. Will an Air Quality Monitor Work for My Entire Home?

Each type of air quality monitor is designed to work within a small area, such as 500 square feet. If you are looking for an air quality monitor for your entire home, we can help. Scott-Lee Heating Company offers several types of residential air quality monitors.

6. Do Air Quality Monitors Clean the Air?

Air quality monitors do not clean the air. If you find that levels of airborne particles in your home are too high, you will need to invest in an air purifier. Like the monitors, you can find air purifiers for certain areas of your home, as well as for your entire home. The experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you find the best air purification solution for your home.

7. What Are the Benefits of an Air Quality Monitor?

Air quality monitors give you peace of mind in knowing what airborne pollutants are in your home, as well as the levels of those pollutants. This is important for a St. Louis homeowner because you know that your family is breathing high-quality air. For homes with family members who are vulnerable to illnesses, air quality monitors provide the essential information that you need to protect health and comfort.

8. Should an Air Quality Monitor Be Used All Year?

We do recommend that you use an air quality monitor throughout the year. The devices are very affordable to operate and do not generate any type of noise. You can run the monitor as needed, such as during allergy season or wintertime when chimney smoke may reduce indoor air quality.

9. What Can an Air Quality Monitor Measure?

The experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you find an air quality monitor to measure just about any type or airborne particle, such as:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Soot and ash
  • Volatile gases
  • Carbon dioxide

10. What Do I Do About Poor Indoor Air Quality?

If you have poor indoor air quality, you can take steps to eliminate the harmful airborne particles. Call the experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company to learn about our air purification systems. We offer standalone and whole-home models that fit any budget.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

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