February 4, 2013

St. Louis home in winter

The Different Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

American families are using more energy and spending more money to pay for heating a larger space for fewer people.

Don’t let the cold winter temperatures get you down! Even though it feels like it, winter doesn’t have to be all about shivering nights curled up under a blanket. With the proper insulation, you can keep the chill off your back and still enjoy a cozy home. Here’s everything you need to know about reducing your energy bill so that you can stay warm this winter without breaking the bank.

Use Your Wall Heater

Winter is the perfect time to give your wall heater some extra love, especially if you still have open floor space in your home, like an open basement. It typically runs on electricity, so all you need is enough outlets to keep it powered. Use it to keep yourself warm when you can’t get into your house (like overnight), or use it to heat the water in your garden once you’ve got everything planted.

You can also bypass the heating element entirely by using a cool-to-the-touch wall heater. These are little electric heaters that are specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens, making them great for blocking drafts at night or keeping rooms warm during days of poor weather. These little guys can be turned off and on as you please, and they’re safe for use around children and pets.

Replace Your Windowpanes

Did you know that replacing your windows can reduce your heating bill by as much as 30%? It may seem like a lot of money to fork over all at once, but it’s far more cost-effective than letting the cold air in and still having to buy electricity or wood for heating. Instead of paying more money on utilities, why not replace your windows with energy-efficient ones and save some cash? This way, you’ll still stay cozy no matter how cold the winter gets outside!

Install an Insulated Door

Insulated doors are ideal for keeping winter out, but they’ll also help you save on your heating bill! A thermally efficient door is specially designed to block heat transfer from your home to the outdoors so you won’t have to pay for any extra electricity just because the temperature outside is 10 degrees lower than what you’re used to. Once installed, your new door will keep the cold air out while allowing fresh, clean air into your home.

Build an Insulating Wall

A great way to save on your heating bill is by building an insulating wall in your home. These specialized walls are made of fiberglass rods that help keep the cold out while still allowing you to breathe easily with proper ventilation. The best part is that they don’t take very long at all to put in place, so you can start reaping the savings right away. Don’t forget to insulate your attic, too!

Go for an Attic Fan

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to install an attic fan in your home. Attic fans are relatively inexpensive, and they can drastically reduce the temperature in your home during the summer months by creating negative pressure within your attic. This will help to draw all of the hot air from inside your house up into your attic. If you prefer not to use vents or windows for venting, try sleeping with a window open at night instead.

Install a Ceiling Fan

But if you desire a more permanent solution, an energy-efficient ceiling fan will allow you to cool off as much as you want and as long as you want. Many of them even have built-in thermostats for controlling the temperature. The best part is that they’re perfect for small spaces, and they’ll help you save on your heating bill no matter where in your house you choose to use them.

Keep a Thermostat Under Control

Keeping a thermostat under control is an effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It can help you to save some money on your energy bill over the long haul. The best thing is that it only takes a few minutes out of your day! Every time you get up or go to bed, make sure to adjust the heat on your thermostat. Doing so daily will help to give you an accurate representation of how much power your home is using, and it can even help extend the life of your furnace or air conditioner.

Turn Off Lights When You’re Not Using Them

This may seem a bit silly, especially if you’re trying to save some cash on your energy bill. However, when you turn off lights in your home when you’re not using them, you’ll be reducing the amount of energy that they use by hundreds of watts! Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to accomplish, but with a little bit of effort on your part, you can save big money on your energy bill.

Insulate Your Water Heater

If your water heater is located in the basement or garage, this is an easy place to insulate since it’s heated by electricity. Insulation around your water heater will help to keep it cozy all year round without having to buy any more electricity or wood for heating money. Keep in mind that you can also insulate the inside of your home if you have an electric water heater.

Install a Booster Fan

If you don’t have an attic fan, a booster fan can help to cool you down while also requiring less energy to run. Booster fans are great for rooms with low ceilings, and they often have a thermostat so that you can control the temperature inside your home without wasting any money on power. If you’d rather not use a ceiling fan at all, this is the best option for you.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

Beyond simple switches and fans, choosing energy-efficient appliances is one of the best ways to keep your home cool on hot days. For example, buying a refrigerator with an Energy Star rating means that the appliance was built to save you energy without sacrificing performance. During the summer months, this can help keep your power bill low.

Switch From Light Bulbs to Energy-Efficient Ones

Many of us fall into the trap of buying new light bulbs every year because we don’t think about how much electricity or gas they require daily. However, you can save money on heating your home by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. They have the same light value as traditional bulbs, but they’ll use less energy to do so. Plus, since they’re designed specifically for homes, you know that they won’t be too bright when it comes to keeping your eyes from hurting.

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