July 27, 2015

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Most St. Louis homeowners desire an HVAC system that is reliable, efficient, and saves them money.

The top benefits that homeowners expect from their HVAC system includes long-term reliability, low monthly operating costs, competitive purchase price, and of course the ability to heat and cool their home to the desired temperature.  In a survey of homeowners to understand the factors they considered before buying an HVAC system, some interesting facts were revealed.

Key Features Consumers Look For in an HVAC System

  • Long-term reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • Ability to provide and maintain the desired temperature inside the home

Reasons For Not Wanting to Purchase a New System

Even if the HVAC system is old or has problems, some homeowners will have the system repaired instead of purchasing a new one. There could be many reasons behind this including the large cost of replacing an older system. However, long-term repair and replacement costs can quickly spiral out of control. Consider other factors such as:

Buyer Recommendations for Buying a New HVAC System

  • Research carefully
  • Speak with a local HVAC company
  • Contract a qualified company to install the new system
  • Consider energy efficiency

Profile of a Satisfied Consumer

Some homeowners prefer purchasing a premium HVAC system because they desire features that the average buyer does not seek. They look for features such as:

  • Quiet operation
  • Clean air
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Humidity control

Usually, these consumers are the ones who have extensive knowledge of the terms used in HVAC such as SEER rating or HSPF. They are also more likely to buy other equipment based on its energy efficiency or environment friendliness.

Customers Who are Satisfied with Their HVAC Company

Customers are more satisfied with their contractor if they have a good reputation. Consumers tend to rely on their research on the internet and recommendations by family, friends, and neighbors.

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