January 20, 2023

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Top 6 Most Energy-Efficient Furnaces Available on the Market

Keeping your house warm in the fall and winter months can be expensive. Heating costs are always one of the top reasons why people are forced to move in the middle of winter. While there are a ton of things you can do to lower those heating bills, having to go out and buy new equipment can be costly on its own.

The most popular heating systems in use today are gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces. By choosing the right unit for your home, you can save yourself a lot of money and make it easier to keep warm. To help you out, we put together this list of the top three energy-efficient gas and oil furnaces available today.

1. Heil Ion 98 Gas Furnace

The Heil Ion 98 gas furnace is a good option for those who want to save money on their heating bills. It has an efficiency rating of up to 98%, which is the highest offered by the company. This means that it is one of the most efficient furnaces available on the market today.

This unit has a variable-speed blower motor, which allows you to adjust the speed of the blower based on your needs and preferences. You can also choose between three different modes: auto, high, and low.

The Heil Ion 98 gas furnace comes with five stages of heat, which allow you to set your preferred temperature level for each stage. This means that you can set your home’s temperature at whatever point you desire without worrying about wasting energy or overheating your home unnecessarily.

This unit operates quietly, so it won’t disturb those who are sleeping at night or during the day while they’re trying to do other things around the house.

2. Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity 98 is a highly efficient gas furnace that provides a lot of value for the money. It has a SEER rating of up to 98 and an AFUE rating of up to 95. This means that it will save you money on your energy bills and it also has a high level of efficiency.

The unit is designed to operate quietly, which means that it won’t interfere with your daily life or the lives of those around you. It also has a variable-speed blower motor, so you can adjust the speed depending on the temperature in your home.

This furnace comes with a five-year limited warranty on parts and labor, which gives you some peace of mind about your investment. It can be installed in homes with up to 2,000 square feet of living space or larger. However, it may not be ideal for homes with basements due to its height of 17 inches from top to bottom when installed.

3. Lennox SLP98V Gas Furnace

The Lennox SLP98V gas furnace is the top pick for a high-efficiency furnace. It’s ENERGY STAR certified, and it meets all of the requirements for the EPA’s most recent Tier 3 emissions regulations. The SLP98V comes with an Energy Saver 5-year warranty on parts and labor, so you can rest assured that it will last for years to come.

This unit is designed for use in homes up to 4,000 square feet in size, and it can handle temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. A 2-stage variable speed blower motor lets you choose between high and low settings depending on what kind of weather you’re dealing with. The large 230-volt power input means you won’t see your energy bill spike even when the temperature takes a turn for the worse.

The SLP98V comes equipped with a variable-speed blower motor that automatically adjusts its speed according to the current needs of your home. This means you won’t have to worry about waking up cold or hot while your furnace is running — it will always keep things comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

Our Top 3 Picks for Energy-Efficient Oil Furnaces:

If you’re in the market for an oil furnace, you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose. Here are three of the best.

1. Carrier Performance 80 OVL Oil Furnace

The Carrier Performance 80 OVL Oil Furnace is one of the most energy-efficient furnaces that you can buy. This furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 87.5%, which is the best rating out there.

This furnace is one of the most efficient furnaces on the market, but it also has some other features that make it a great choice for homeowners.

The first thing that’s worth mentioning about this furnace is its variable-speed blower motor. This feature allows the furnace to run at different speeds. That means that this furnace can use less energy and still provide you with enough heat when you need it most.

The second feature worth mentioning about this furnace is its dual fuel capability (electricity and gas). It has been designed for use in homes with forced air systems, so it’s perfect for most homes across North America. It also comes with several features that will make it easy to install and operate.

The third feature is a built-in humidifier that helps keep moisture levels under control while providing consistent comfort throughout your home.

2. Lennox SLO185V Oil Furnace

The Lennox Signature Series SLO185V Oil Furnace is a great choice for those who want to invest in a high-quality furnace that will last them many years. It’s also one of the most energy-efficient furnaces available on the market, which means you’ll save money on your monthly heating bill.

The Lennox SLO185V comes with a variable-speed motor that runs at lower temperatures than other furnaces, making it both more efficient and quieter than most other models. The unit also has an “OilSafe” system that prevents oil spills during power outages or other malfunctions by automatically shutting off the fuel supply line when there is no longer enough pressure in the system.

3. Adams AHEO Highboy Condensing Oil Furnace

The Adams AHEO Highboy Condensing Oil Furnace is a high-efficiency furnace that keeps the temperature in your home comfortable all year long. It features a high-energy burner, which provides an even heat distribution throughout your home. The furnace has a stainless steel heat exchanger and a sealed combustion system, which helps reduce energy costs.

The furnace also has an automatic air cleaner that keeps dust from entering the air stream before it reaches your ductwork. This reduces the amount of dust that gets into your home’s air ducts and filters. This furnace comes with an electronic ignition system and a flame failure device, which allows it to shut down safely if there is a problem with the flame or gas supply.

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