Are you in need of a reliable AC thermostat installation in Brentwood, MO? As the colder months make way for the warm summer season, ensuring your thermostat is in excellent working shape is essential. If you’re dealing with an older thermostat that requires constant repairs or if you’re looking to install a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat in a newly built home, Scott-Lee Heating Company is happy to assist!

Signs Your AC Thermostat Needs an Upgrade

If your thermostat is over 10 years old, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Thermostats typically have lifespans of around 10 years, and their overall efficiency starts to wane once they hit their peak age. You may notice that your heater or air conditioner run constantly or struggle to start, and the temperature readings on your thermostat may be off. Another telltale sign of a failing thermostat is the response time to setting changes. If you change the temperature on your thermostat and it takes more than a few seconds to shift into the correct cycle, chances are good it needs replacement.

Even if your existing thermostat appears to be working as it should, many home and business owners are opting to upgrade their systems so they can enjoy updated features. Some of today’s thermostats offer high-tech features such as vacation programming, remote operation and more. Whether your thermostat has gone out for the last time and you need an emergency replacement, or you’re simply thinking about installing a new smart thermostat, Scott-Lee Heating Company is here for you! Our thermostat installers have years of experience, and they’re happy to advise on the perfect model to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs.

New AC and heater thermostat installation offers many benefits!
  • Improved AC and furnace operation
  • Updated safety features
  • Easy integration with smart home technology
  • Improved energy efficiency

If you’re thinking about upgrading your traditional AC thermostat to a Wi-Fi heater thermostat, great choice! This type of programmable thermostat offers many benefits, including remote access and controls and smart home integration. Wi-Fi thermostats are also highly energy efficient, which means you may even see a reduction on your heating and cooling bills. Plus, these thermostats are very user friendly and simple to set up and operate.

Your Expert Brentwood AC and Heater Thermostat Installation Team

In business for over 45 years, Scott-Lee Heating Company is a family-owned and operated heating and cooling company in Brentwood. We serve residential and commercial customers, and our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency assistance. From new thermostat installations in newly constructed homes and buildings to smart thermostat upgrades, you can count on us for a job well done.

We offer financing on approved credit, and our skilled thermostat installers are highly trained and knowledgeable with every type of system – from standard thermostats to Wi-Fi models with convenient features. From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you!

Looking for expert thermostat installation services in Brentwood? Give the friendly team at Scott-Lee Heating Company a call today!