If you’ve lived in Brentwood, MO long, you know that summers run hot and humid, so you need a good AC company like Scott-Lee Heating Company on speed dial to keep your house comfortable. We’ve served the Brentwood area since 1978. That’s over 40 years of solving AC emergencies for customers in Brentwood and throughout the St. Louis area.

    We offer seasonal AC service to help maintain your system and have earned 26 Dave Lennox Awards to recognize our exceptional customer service.

    Experienced AC Company for AC Service

    The sweltering summer heat makes a malfunctioning AC unit an immediate emergency. To help keep you cool in the summers, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. Most AC issues can be resolved in a single visit, letting you cool off before deciding on any recommended next steps from our technician.

    Some signs that you might need a repair visit that can help you avoid a non-functioning unit include:
    • Continually rising costs
    • Strange noises
    • Reduced airflow
    • Blowing lukewarm or warm air

    Experienced AC Company for AC Service

    AC Services Offered by Scott-Lee Heating Company

    Professional AC Installation

    Central air conditioning units have an expected lifespan of 10-15 years. With Brentwood temperatures routinely exceeding 80-degrees as early as May and as late as September, your AC system may work overtime for almost half the year.

    Older units operate less efficiently and cost more to run. Talk to our technicians to learn more about when you should plan to upgrade your unit and how long it may take to pay for itself.

    Thorough Maintenance to Keep You Cool

    An AC unit operates best when properly maintained. Make sure to replace filters regularly and clean up around the outside of the unit. Visible damage to the unit casing often means damage to the interior parts. Clearing away dirt and debris can help keep the unit running.

    Twice a year, schedule AC service to inspect the unit, check coolant levels, and make any repairs needed to keep it operating at peak efficiency. We offer a Precision Maintenance Agreement that will help you stay on top of your maintenance schedule, as well as provide additional savings and benefits.

    Scott-Lee Heating Company is a trusted AC company serving Brentwood residential and commercial customers. Give our office a call to schedule AC service. Our Technicians can even chill down or heat up areas that are without ductwork. Learn more about this technology by visiting our ductless mini-split service page.