February 18, 2019

Importance Of Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to an energy-efficient home. It is also imperative to the health of the people who live there. After all, the EPA recognizes poor indoor air quality in the home as a significant health risk. Areas where ventilation are most important include the:

  • Attic – to avoid excess heat
  • Kitchen – to exhaust pollutants
  • Bathroom – to avoid excess moisture
  • Living spaces – to avoid a build-up of pollutants

Why Is Ventilation Important to Our Health?

At Scott-Lee Heating Company, we offer a wide range of air quality services to our customers in St. Louis and beyond. Our company cannot emphasize enough how important it is to ensure proper ventilation in an energy-efficient manner. There are pollutants in your home. Even if you are diligent, these pollutants are naturally occurring. Consider the winter season when your home and comfort systems are designed to keep the heat in. Less fresh air means a higher concentration of these pollutants.

How Is Energy-Efficient Ventilation Achieved?

The easiest way to ventilate your home may be to open a window, but that isn’t very practical in the winter. Likewise, your older home may have gaps and other leaks that do keep it somewhat ventilated but don’t necessarily lend themselves to a low electric bill each month.

Modern ventilation systems for the home are designed to add ample fresh air in an energy-efficient manner. There are two prominent ways to achieve this: energy-recovery and heat-recovery ventilation. With ERV, the focus is on humidity. In winter, it transfers moisture to the incoming dry air, and in summer, moisture is removed before the air is introduced. With HRV, stale, warm air being exhausted from the home is used to heat the new air being introduced.

Achieve Energy-Efficient Ventilation

Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you achieve energy-efficient and cost-effective ventilation for your home. In addition to improving air quality, we provide many other residential services related to heating and cooling, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Our firm also does metal work. Contact us today to ask any questions or to schedule an appointment.