Attic Ventilation Can Affect HVAC Performance – St. Louis Air Conditioning

April 7, 2017

Before the hot St. Louis summer is here, make sure your attic has proper ventilation to reduce your energy costs An HVAC system has to face a host of battles to ensure efficient indoor air conditioning. One such problem that can adversely impact HVAC efficiency is ventilation in attic spaces. This problem is more pronounced in the warm months when an attic heats up due to the trapped heat from the sun. This heat can radiate through the ceiling and lead to uneven cooling. Our St. Louis HVAC technicians explain the issue in detail. Beating the Excess Attic Heat Most homeowners do not feel the need to direct ventilation ducts right up to the attic spaces, unless the attic serves as a living space and is converted into an extra room. However, ensuring proper attic ventilation can ensure that unused attic spaces do not trap heat. Stagnant hot air can be replaced with fresh outdoor air by using attic fans. There are two types of attic fans: Rooftop fans: These fans are installed on the top of the attic roof. They work by performing two functions of repelling stagnant air and replacing it with fresh air at the same time....

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