St. Louis HVAC – New Solutions for High Humidity

December 5, 2016

Before summertime and humidity makes it way back around, talk with your HVAC company about installing an energy recovery ventilator. When temperatures rise in St. Louis, so does the humidity, even inside of your home.  As our homes become more energy efficiency, new problems start to arise. Indoor air quality is compromised as stale air is recycled through the house and humidity levels increase. You have basically created an airtight environment with humidity levels that fluctuate drastically and far from the 40% ideal range. Energy Recovery Ventilator Adding an energy recovery ventilator system to your HVAC system can take care of both of these issues. The ERV system can exchange the stale air with fresh air, conditioning it first to match the indoor temperature of the house. In the summer the system is pre-cooling and dehumidifing outside air as it is brought into your home. The opposite happens in the colder months when the system warms the air and humidifies it. This leaves you with a comfortable indoor environment that is infused with fresh air. Reducing Energy Costs ERV systems have proven to be an effective way of reducing energy costs by reducing heating and cooling loads. It does this by using air that has already been...

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