What Does An Air Filtration System Do?

Although most people tend to think that air filtration is a new thing, the fact is that air filters have been around for more than two centuries. What started out as simple protective masks for the fireman has evolved and transformed to become a powerful system that can protect you and your family from a wide range of airborne pollutants. Today, allergies and asthma affect more than 50 million Americans, and that is why the concern for safe indoor air quality has rapidly increased. Homeowners in St. Louis and all over the country are looking for cost-effective ways of improving their indoor air quality, and air filtration system seems to offer the most viable solution. Allergens such as mold spores, pet dander, smoke, pollen, and bacteria can cause a wide range of health complications such as respiratory diseases. What is An Air Filtration System? An air filtration system which is commonly referred to as an air purifier is a simple device that removes pollutants and other allergens from the air so that you don’t breathe them into your lungs. The fact is that there are millions of invisible particles that float in the air around you. With every breath you...

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What Are Air Cleaners?

Don’t be surprised when you go to the doctor for some medication for a respiratory or eye infection and come away with orders that include: get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, take all your antibiotics and hire a certified HVAC professional with an air cleaner to remove harmful vapors and debris in your indoor air. Wait. What? What is an air cleaner, and what does it have to do with seeing my St. Louis, MO doctor about chronic respiratory infections? Your Home or Office Could Be Making You Sick Poor indoor air quality often causes frequent sinus infections, allergy symptoms, and red, swollen eyes. Contaminated air is one of the most common sources of frequent colds, headaches, allergy flares and red, puffy eyes. There have been reports of severe lung disease and cancer developing in people who live or work where the air contains high concentrations of chemical particulates, dangerous mold and other If you have never had your home air cleaned, it might be time, especially if you and your family suffer from frequent respiratory problems. Do You Need an Air Cleaner? Industry experts who study indoor air quality recommend residents and business owners proactively control air...

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Furnace Runs Constantly

Here are 4 common reasons your furnace is running constantly. If you have noticed that your furnace is constantly running, even as the cold weather is starting to ease up, it might be a sign that something’s lurking in your heating system. A heating system works by distributing warm around your home. If you hear the fan running constantly, you might start to wonder why. Here are 4 common reasons your furnace is running constantly. Incorrect Setting of Your Thermostat Temperature If you don’t have your thermostat set to the correct temperature, it can have your furnace running overtime. During the colder months, you will want the thermostat to be turned to “heat.” If you want to check that the furnace is working, you can turn the thermostat lower than the temperature of the room. If the heater is working correctly, then the fan should shut off when you turn the temperature down. If you have your thermostat set too high, you might be setting the temperature higher than your system can keep up with. Not Having the Right Fan Setting On most thermostats, you can set your fan either to “on” or “auto.” There are also some thermostats that...

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How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

It’s almost time to turn off the heat and start thinking about keeping your home cool this summer. As the cold weather starts to warm up a little, residents in some regions of the country are beginning to feel a decrease in monthly heating costs. However, experienced homeowners know that there is usually a trade off between energy costs. When the heating costs go down, the cooling costs start to increase. If you are looking for a way to minimize your air-conditioning bill this spring and summer, these are some great ways to conserve both your finances and your energy efficiency. There is a fine line to balance in reducing your energy costs. You want to be comfortable and not turn things down so low that you end up being miserable. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to save on your air-conditioning bill. If Your Air-Conditioning Unit Is from Before 1990, Consider Replacing It If you have an air-conditioning unit that is older, you might be reluctant to spend the initial money to replace it – but you will definitely make up for it quickly. New energy-efficient air-conditioning units are up to 50% more...

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How Can You Insulate to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System?

Proper insulation can go a long way in increasing your home’s energy efficiency. The best way to build a home is to anticipate effective energy efficiency by making sure that your home is built with insulation from top to bottom. It isn’t just about keeping costs low when you are in the building phase, but also about considering how the moves you make can reduce your energy costs. If you didn’t put enough thought into insulation, or you are finding that what you did was not enough, the good news is that there still ways you can increase efficiency and decrease the wear and tear on your HVAC system. Here are three ways to insulate that can help to cut your energy costs and keep your home comfortable in both the summer and the winter. Injection Foam Fiberglass is usually the preferred way to insulate your home, rather than foam. Highly mold- and mildew-resistant, it is a great product to use when you are in humid conditions. However, if the fiberglass wasn’t enough, or if you failed to insulate sufficiently, then you can go back and use injection foam. It isn’t like blown-in cellulose, because it expands to cover the...

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HVAC tech repairing thermostat

Spring is Right Around the Corner: Why Having HVAC Maintenance Now Will Keep You Cool When You Need It

Don’t wait until the last minute, and the first hot spring day, to ensure that your air conditioner is good to go. Is there anything worse than your heat going out on a cold winter night? It’s possible that the only thing would be if you turn your air-conditioning on on that first warm day of spring – only to find that it isn’t working. Not only does that mean that you have to make an emergency call, but if it is the first hot day, you aren’t going to be the only person who is in the same boat. That can mean waiting for days for someone to come and fix it, which means hot and uncomfortable nights waiting on an HVAC professional to fix the air conditioner. How to Avoid that Scenario The best way to avoid such a scenario is to have an air-conditioning specialist come and inspect your unit now. Although it might have been a better idea to have them maintain your system before you shut it down for the winter and let the furnace take over, right now is actually the best time to have a technician come out and inspect your air-conditioning unit...

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St. Louis Heating: Do Tankless Water Heaters Really Save Money?

Since a tankless water heater instantly heats the water, you don’t have to pay when it isn’t being used. The standard way to heat water in your home was to have a water heating tank. It was designed to hold a reserve of heated water, so that the water was ready when you needed it. The tank varied in size to accommodate the size of your home and the people in it, but the idea was that it would hold water in a reservoir until someone used it. A water tank is perpetually heating, even when not in use. So, the water in the tank is constantly being heated – kind of like it’s “waiting in the wings.” All the while, the water tank cost money to heat water that was just waiting to be used at some point. The tank was a great idea – after all, everyone likes hot water. But to keep it stored in a tank that’s continually being heated sounds like a whole lot of wasted energy – and with reason, because it is. Like leaving lights or heat on waiting for someone to come home, traditional hot water heaters work when they really don’t...

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St. Louis family spending time together

The Best Temperature for Your Home – What Does a Few Degrees Really Mean?

Keeping a constant and comfortable temperature in your home can make a significant difference to your monthly energy bill. When it comes to heating and cooling, you might think that a couple of degrees on your thermostat can’t possibly make a significant dent in your monthly budget, but it really does. From keeping things warm in the winter to cooling it down when the weather starts heating up, varying your home temperature is a good idea. Keeping a constant and comfortable temperature in your home can make a significant difference to your monthly energy bill. The Key to Setting the Thermostat The key to setting your thermostat isn’t about keeping it at the lowest or highest degree possible, but more about trying to keep in tune with what conditions are outside to even things out. Much like the stock market, it isn’t about being on the right side of the highs and lows. Rather, it is about knowing where the highs and lows are and anticipating them so that you aren’t trying to either catch up or lower things too much. A happy medium is reached when you can keep a consistent and steady temperature that won’t make your units...

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St. Louis man upset while doing bills

Should You Hire an HVAC Technician for Maintenance or Do it Yourself?

Sometimes when you try to save money, you end up spending a whole lot more. There are some things that you can do around your home yourself – but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you are wondering whether you should have a professional HVAC technician perform maintenance or work on it your self, in most instances the answer is “hire a professional.” The longevity of your HVAC appliances is directly related to how well you protect them and notice any early signs of trouble before they can become more serious. So, although it is possible for you to do a quick check of your furnace and air conditioner, it is well worth the maintenance cost to have someone else monitor them. Why is Regular Maintenance a Good Idea? There is nothing more frustrating than a late-night or emergency repair call for your HVAC system. The best way to make sure that everything is running in tip-top shape is to have a professional inspect and maintain it to ensure that it is working as it should. Just because you might know the general maintenance routine, that does not mean that you know how to spot if something is...

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controlling thermostat using tablet

Remote Thermostats – More than Just the “Coolness” Factor

“Smart home” apps allow you to change your thermostat when you aren’t home and turn it back up before you return. One of the newest crazes in the technology industry are remote apps that can alter the temperature of your home. “Smart home” apps allow you to change your thermostat when you aren’t home and turn it back up when you know that you are about to return. That means that it is a bit more convenient than a manual programming system, because it allows you to move the temperature up and down without ever having to touch the thermostat. “Smart” Thermostats Varying the temperature so that you aren’t heating and cooling a home that no one is occupying is a really smart idea – both for your monthly energy bill and to reduce wear and tear on your appliances. It’s not just about showing off your cool technology, remote thermostats are an excellent way to save on energy costs and to control your temperature when you aren’t home. Smart thermostats are ideal for someone who either isn’t around all day or who travels for work. If you get a full-home monitoring system, then you can not only control the...

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