What Are Air Cleaners?

June 6, 2018

Air Cleaners Don’t be surprised when you go to the doctor for some medication for a respiratory or eye infection and come away with orders that include: get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, take all your antibiotics and hire a certified HVAC professional with an air cleaner to remove harmful vapors and debris in your indoor air. Wait. What? What is an air cleaner, and what does it have to do with seeing my St. Louis, MO doctor about chronic respiratory infections? Your Home or Office Could Be Making You Sick Poor indoor air quality often causes frequent sinus infections, allergy symptoms, and red, swollen eyes. Contaminated air is one of the most common sources of frequent colds, headaches, allergy flares and red, puffy eyes. There have been reports of severe lung disease and cancer developing in people who live or work where the air contains high concentrations of chemical particulates, dangerous mold and other If you have never had your home air cleaned, it might be time, especially if you and your family suffer from frequent respiratory problems. Do You Need an Air Cleaner? Industry experts who study indoor air quality recommend residents and business owners proactively...

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