April 14, 2016

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It can sometimes be difficult to keep your hardwood or tile floors warm. Here are some HVAC solutions for keeping your toes warm!

When people consider house heating solutions, they generally consider solutions that heat the air around them. The cold, chilly floors are often neglected. Thermal socks, thick carpets and fuzzy slippers offer only temporary solutions for your loved ones. Try as you might you cannot ensure that your young children and toddlers will keep those socks on.

Though your home’s HVAC system can take care of air temperature issues, floors often get left out. For houses that have floors made of wood, stone, or ceramic tiling, the heating system makes very little or no difference.

How Can you Keep Your Floors Warm?

Keeping the floors warm at times requires simple measures. These are easy steps that can be taken to not only keep floors warm but also ensure the whole house temperature is taken care of.

  1. Keep the cold air out – Look at areas in the house where cold drafts enter and keep those shutters shut. Any cracks and holes between walls and baseboards that let air in can be filled up with any sealant. Check if your home weather stripping needs replacement. Another option would be to insulate the ceiling.
  2. Insulate extra spaces – Houses sometimes have crawl-spaces underneath or over the garage bonus rooms. The spaces underneath often keep damp cold air. These areas need to be well insulated, by using something like spray-foam insulation. Over the garage bonus rooms can get windy and cold. These need to be well insulated too.
  3. Insulating a slab – For houses that are set atop a cement slab, it is wiser to insulate the top of the concrete with rigid insulation to prevent cold and dampness from reaching the flooring. However, replacing entire floorings are not always possible due to the expense. In such cases, using wall to wall carpeting can be a temporary solution. However, using the wall to wall carpeting can sometimes pose a mildew problem.
  4. Check your heating system – The HVAC system in your house requires regular maintenance and check-ups by a professional St. Louis heating expert. The ducts and heat registers need to be cleaned regularly, and care should be taken that no furniture or drapes block them. These systems, when maintained well, can reduce the problems of cold floors to a certain limit.

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