May 31, 2017

St. Louis AC

Here are some tips to keep your home cool but keep your costs low this summer!

When the hot St. Louis summer heat hits, you’ll be relying on your air conditioning system more than ever. However, when your HVAC system isn’t functioning to full capacity, it can be really annoying. Our St. Louis HVAC experts offer top tips that will help you to keep your cool when the temperatures soar this summer:

  • Test your system before you need it – It’s a really good idea to test your system before the weather gets too hot. If there’s something wrong, you can then get it sorted while the temperatures are cooler.
  • Check the external unit – The airflow can easily become blocked from the outside by fallen autumn leaves or plants growing in it. Take a look and clear it if necessary.
  • Get repairs done before the temperatures soar – A stitch in time saves nine they say. If you test your system and find there is an issue with it that you can’t fix yourself, don’t put off getting it fixed until later in the season. If you’re looking for a St Louis HVAC technician before the weather gets really hot, you’ll have much more chance of finding one that has the time to visit you promptly. Leave it until the temperatures are higher, and they’ll, of course, be much busier as everyone else is turning on their systems for the first time this year and discovering they have a problem with it.
  • Clean or replace your filters regularly – You should clean or replace your filters monthly in summer. With clean filters, your system will run more efficiently so this will save you money in the long run.
  • Reassess your thermostat settings – Many of us set the thermostat when we have our HVAC system installed, then never touch it again. You could have your system for many years and your routines may well change over this time. Perhaps you now work later than you used to. It’s pointless having your air conditioner coming on at 4 pm each day if you’re not even going to be in the house until 5 pm. Changing your settings could save you a lot of money over the course of the summer.
  • Check your house is sealed – Your air conditioner is cooling your home, but warm air can seep in. Make sure your windows and doors have tight seals. It can also really help to keep your drapes or blinds closed during the day as this will stop the sun heating up your home and in turn, your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard.

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