March 4, 2014

Air inside your home may be infested with pollutants and allergens, and you might not realize it until you start feeling discomfort.

Your HVAC system may not be enough to keep the allergens and pollutants at bay. Dust and pollutants may enter your house from unexpected sources and cause several health-related problems. Regular upkeep of your HVAC system by professionals can go a long way in improving the air quality of your house, but there are certain other measures that you can take to ensure that you breathe in only the freshest air possible. Here are some suggestions to improve the air quality in your home:

Check For Any Leaks in the Duct Work

The leaks in your HVAC ducts can offer a way for allergens and pollutants to enter your house. If you are suspecting any leaks in the ducts, call a professional HVAC company to get them sealed properly.

Clean and Replace the Filters Regularly

Over time, dust and grime tends to get accumulated in your HVAC filters. This happens when the system is not in use, and the moment you switch your air conditioner on, all the pollutants get circulated in your house playing havoc with the air quality. Ensure that you are replacing the filters regularly.

Place Foot Mats at Doors Leading Inside the House

The biggest source of dust and other pollutants in the house are your shoes. It is always a good idea to take off your shoes somewhere close to the entrance, and use another pair inside the house. Another way you can keep the dust from accompanying your shoes inside your house is by keeping door mats at the entrance.

Get Rid of Chemical-Laden Air Fresheners

The air fresheners that you use inside the house carry a lot of chemicals that deteriorate the air quality. So, it is better to shift to natural, chemical-free air fresheners.

Consider Using a Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid area, and the moisture levels inside your house are high, you might consider installing a dehumidifier in your house. This will prevent mold from growing, and improve the air quality considerably.

Check Your Appliances

Older appliances tend to emit pollutants such as asbestos and pollute the air. If you are suspecting that an appliance might be polluting the air, you should get it checked, and if required, replace it.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital to maintaining air quality inside the house. If you think there might be some problems with your ventilation system, you must get in touch with HVAC experts to get the system fixed as soon as possible.

In case you feel that your home’s HVAC system is not doing particularly well to improve the air quality inside your home, call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 and get a routine inspection and maintenance done.

Photo credit: Welcometoalville via Flickr