November 6, 2014

st louis furnace

There are many options available on the market for new furnaces, making it difficult sometimes to choose the correct one for your home.

Some homeowners may have to consider replacing their existing HVAC system, especially if it needs frequent and expensive repairs. However, with the myriad options available in the market, homeowners may not find it easy to choose the most suitable furnace for their homes. St. Louis HVAC professionals have given tips and advice that homeowners can use to make an educated decision about this major investment.

Deciding on the Most Suitable Furnace

Size of the home and unit – A small furnace may not heat up the home adequately during the cold winter season. But, a furnace that is sized too large for the home may also not be efficient and can affect the life of the system. Consult an experienced St. Louis HVAC company to seek advice on the appropriate size that meets your needs.

Energy-efficiency rating – The latest models of furnaces and heating systems come with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio. The AFUE ratio of furnaces produced in the 70s was around 65. However, the law has set the lowest ratio for modern furnaces at 78. A number of systems offer an efficiency ratio of at least 90. Although the price of furnaces increases as the AFUE ratio increases, they also reduce the monthly heating expenses considerably.

Warranty – Since new furnaces are a major investment, it is only practical to ensure it carries a warranty to protect it. Many furnaces have a limited warranty. Term warranties normally offer a 20-year guarantee for the heat exchanger and other mechanical components carry a 5-year guarantee. Specific details will depend on the unit you purchase.

Types of HVAC Systems for Your Home

HVAC experts recommend natural gas furnaces as they offer optimal energy efficiency and heat production. In addition to this, their life span is longer and they require less maintenance compared to other types of heating systems. The different models of gas furnaces in the market are as follows:

Single-stage furnaces – While these are the most reasonably-priced models ideal for homeowners with tight budgets, it only features a single “on” stage for the blower and burner. The furnace may not offer optimal heating when compared to other kinds of gas furnaces.

Two-stage furnaces – These are also called dual-stage furnaces, which offer better heating capacity using various settings. These furnaces have a low and high setting. Although they are more expensive, they are quieter compared to other heating systems.

Modulating furnaces – These furnaces offer an accurate temperature reading, which ensures accurate thermostat settings. These furnaces offer the best comfort and efficiency, which is all that you need during cold weather. However, they also have higher installation costs.

Selecting the most suitable furnace is a major decision for a homeowner, so it is best to consult a professional St. Louis HVAC company. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788. Then we will evaluate your heating and cooling needs and then recommend a system that best meets your needs.