June 2, 2022

Energy Costs in St. Louis, MO

Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Energy prices have continued to rise every year and look likely to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. You’re likely to find that as the weather warms up for the summer months, you’re AC is used more. Higher usage will, of course, lead to higher energy bills. However, there are steps to help you save money on air conditioning costs over the summer. The team at Scott-Lee Heating Company is eager to help our customers save money and prolong the lifespan of their AC unit by using it only when necessary.
We have put together this short guide to share our top tips with you that help you save money on your energy bill without being uncomfortable in your home. These things you can do yourself with little to no effort; however, you may need a little assistance with the most effective way to save money. Thankfully, the experts at Scott-Lee Heating Company are always here to help. We are proud to be recognized as a top HVAC in our community, and we feel we must help people in our area cut down their energy bills.

Steps to Take Indoors

Several things can help save money on air conditioner costs and ensure your AC unit operates at maximum efficiency. It’s essential to follow these best practices to keep your home comfortable without overusing your air conditioning unit, as this will increase your energy bill. Keeping your home cooler means you’ll use your AC less and keep your expenditure lower. Closing your drapes on the side of your house that faces the sun can significantly cool down your room. A surprisingly common reason your AC unit struggles is because of obstructed vents. Furniture or curtains near your vent can impact airflow to your home. These simple tricks can help make a noticeable impact on your air conditioning costs. You can also explore programmable thermostats as they can help you gain complete control over your AC unit. Precise control over your AC wherever your location helps save money because your AC unit is never on for longer than needed. Making minor changes to the layout of your home can feel like your AC system is working more effectively.

Things You Can do Outdoors

The majority of things you can do outdoors involves finding a professional. Things such as repainting your home or replacing your roof can help you save money on air conditioning costs but needs a substantial upfront investment. Most outdoor kinds of work may not be appropriate. A great thing you can do is plant some trees or shrubs near your home. These plants can act as a buffer between your home and the sun’s heat. Outdoor foliage can be an effective means of cooling your home and will reduce the money you spend on your air conditioning. You can always install an awning to create some shade if you lack the space required for trees.

Changing the exterior of your home can impact the indoor temperature. Remember to choose plants that shed in the winter as that’s the time of year when you’ll need that extra sunlight shining through your windows. Subtle changes to the exterior of your home can have an impressive impact on comfort levels in your home.

Tune-up Your AC Unit

Your AC unit will likely begin to lose efficiency over time. This loss of performance can be because of a build-up of dirt and debris or because your AC parts are aging. Either way, a tune-up can help you to save money. You may spend more money on your air conditioning as it loses efficiency. You’re forcing your AC to work harder when it’s overdue for a tune-up, which increases your energy bill.

Scott-Lee Heating Company is the best way of getting your AC unit operating at maximum efficiency again. Our team can help if parts need a tune-up or replacement, and we’ll clean and calibrate all of the internal components. It’s vital to leave this kind of work to experts, as trying to tune-up your AC unit yourself can cause your warranty to be void or you to damage your AC system. Working with the team at Scott-Lee Heating Company helps you avoid these downsides, and instead you benefit from a freshly tuned-up air conditioner operating as efficiently as the day it got installed. A tune-up from Scott-Lee Heating Company is best suited when your AC unit is a few years old.

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

It may not surprise you that one of the most common causes of high energy bills is an old or faulty air conditioner. Your AC unit is likely to malfunction after years of usage and require more energy to operate at the same efficiency. Also, older units aren’t as energy efficient as their more modern counterparts, and it’s undeniably burning through more power than a newer model. These facts mean that AC repairs or replacements are often the best way to increase the efficiency of cooling your home.

Industry experts suggest replacing your AC units every ten to 15 years. So, if your home is running an older model, it could be time to call it a day and book an AC replacement service from Scott-Lee Heating Company. The initial investment is well worth it as you save on your utility bills, and your home will be more comfortable. A new unit eliminates the risk of your AC unit failing on a hot summer day when you need it the most. Scott-Lee Heating Company has experience working in homes like yours and installing AC units from all leading manufacturers. Our experts are well-versed in all areas of AC replacement. We can advise you on the best placement for your vents, what kind of unit would be best for your home’s layout, and how to care for your new AC unit.

Your Local AC Experts

Working with Scott-Lee Heating Company can help you save money on your air conditioning bill. We can help you keep your AC operating as efficiently as possible and help you save money in the long term. Our team has experience working on all kinds of HVAC systems and plan to continue working at the forefront of this industry for many years to come. Scott-Lee Heating Company was founded back in 1978. We have worked consistently hard since to become regarded as one of the best in our community. Our professionals have received the coveted Dave Lennox award over 25 times since its inception. We aim to win more in the future by providing world-class services to each of our customers. Scott-Lee Heating Company are your go-to company when you’re looking to save money on air conditioning costs.

Contact our team at Scott-Lee Heating Company today if you’re looking to save money on your air conditioning costs this summer. We can help modernize your AC system and keep your home as comfortable as possible.