September 5, 2016

furnace maintenance st louis hvac

As St. Louis homeowners prepare for the next season, cleaning, gardening, and repairs will fill the weekends.

A home maintenance task that should never take a backseat is furnace maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that your furnace is up and running when you need it this winter. Seasonal maintenance usually involves a general inspection and cleaning of the system to ensure that there is no dust or debris accumulation and that there are no needed repairs.

Change the Filters

The importance of regular filter maintenance cannot be overemphasized. Whether you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace, replace the filters. Make sure the filters that you buy are the right size for your furnace. In addition, check the air ducts. If they have not been cleaned in the last 5 years, this is the time to do it.

Check the Furnace Blower Belt

Inspect the fan belt on the blower for any fraying or cracks. Check if the belt has become too loose. If the belt has become loose, consider replacing it.

Clean Dust from Furnace Area

Dust and debris tends to accumulate around the furnace and if it is left there for a long time it can cause damage. Vacuum the area under the furnace and clean the crevices.

Inspect the Safety Features

Inspect the components such as the pilot light, bearings, motor, the burner assembly, and heater exchange to ensure that they are in safe working condition. After inspecting the furnace, if you realize that the furnace requires some repairs, contact a St. Louis HVAC company and get them done immediately. You may be tempted to put off the repairs, but this may aggravate the problem, causing more extensive repairs.

Before winter sets in, call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 for your winter HVAC maintenance.