April 2, 2015

Pollutants can accumulate inside your home’s air ducts, reducing the indoor air quality of your home.

Most residential and commercial structures are built with integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC ducts. Fresh and stale air does not normally circulate together through these ducts. This will result in the accumulation of pollutants inside the air ducts and will lower the indoor air quality of the building. Those who suffer from respiratory ailments may experience aggravated symptoms from the pollutants.

Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air

Pollutants in the air ducts can be minimized or eliminated if the HVAC ducts are cleaned, resulting in a healthy environment inside the house. However, it is also possible that the air ducts will be damaged if they are cleaned too often. A regular cleaning schedule should be established. Although numerous recommendations are available for cleaning the ductwork, it is important to hire a St. Louis HVAC company to clean them properly. Aside from an improvement in air quality when the duct is clean, rodents will be also kept away.

How to Clean Air Ducts

A number of modifications have made in industry standards as well as duct cleaning methods over a number of years. The cleaning quality has improved with the developments in the industry and duct cleaning methods have also become safer. The following are the duct cleaning methods normally used by professional duct cleaning services:

Power vacuum or air sweep technique – This is the most comprehensive method in cleaning air ducts. Although it is the best cleaning method, it is also costly. The ductwork may also be damaged by the power of the vacuum, but this rarely happens when professionals clean the duct since they use extreme caution while working.

Point of contact – Although this may not be as comprehensive compared to other methods, it is safer for use on vents and air ducts. It is also less expensive and uses a large-sized and powerful vacuum with numerous attachments. A spinning brush and a number of extension hoses are used in cleaning the ducts with this method.

Source removal technique – This method is commonly recommended in cleaning air ducts. It also requires the use of two important components, mechanical agitation, which loosens dirt and debris from the walls of the duct and other parts of the HVAC system, and extraction, which removes the dirt and debris from the duct of the HVAC system.

Clean Air Ducts – The Professional Way

Getting the services of professional HVAC contractor will ensure that the appropriate method will be used in cleaning your home’s air ducts. It will also ensure that the job is done thoroughly and properly, resulting in cleaner and healthier air inside your home. Call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 to make an appointment today.